What season is your marriage in?

Are you hopeful in your marriage? Are you satisfied with how your marriage is? Do you feel there can be things that can be done in your marrige to improve on it and make it better? Are you distant from each other in your marriage and do you want to be closer to your spouse? Are you unsettled in your marriage? Whatever season you are in what do you think can be done to make your marriage a more successful and happier one? You who are satisfied and hopeful . What words of encouragement and help could you give to others that are hurting in their marriages? How can we help them feel more settled and not so distant from each other?

Summer= satisfaction and security in yoru marriage

Spring= Hopefulness and new beginnings for your marriage

Winter= distance and difficulty in your marriage

Fall= unwanted change, uncertainty and unsettledness in marriage.

I feel this is a very interesting subject and question and can't wait to see feedback and answers on this one!

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    I would say my marriage is in Summer and Spring combined. I am satisfied and secure in my marriage with my loving and wonderful wife yet i am hoping that we can even improve even more in this marriage and we are always trying to think of new ways to make it exciting and even more fun! We love marriage retreats and things like that and we read marriage books together as well. We hold hands alot and this helps too. We really feel bad for couples that have hard times. I know that there are and have been hard times in out own marriage but we have worked through these hard and uncertain times together with prayer and communication with each other and God has helped us through this and now we are closer then ever because of it. I have to say to all of the hurting people who are going through the cold and uncertain seasons in their marriages that there is hope and help out there for you and do not give up! I love this question by the way and thanks so much for asking it. This one really makes me think. Having God in the center of your marriage is life is key to a successful and happier marriage too. This works for us.

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    I've been with my husband only a year, but we've already hit the winter stage in our relationship. Well, maybe fall. Our marriage is fine, for the most part. We've only had one serious problem that could've caused divorce, but we worked through that. We agreed to work through every problem we have, and to always make divorce not an option. I'm 23 and he's 24, but we're gonna make this marriage work if it kills us!

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    Spring. I think if you get to summer then you're heading into fall and winter. I'd rather believe that even though I love her and feel very close to her that the years to come will bring us even more joy, communication and love.

    People in Yahoo!Answers don't like to hear this but, I was on the verge of divorce. Accepting Christ and learning that I could be forgiven and forgiving saved my marriage.

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    Fall 24 years

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    I guess my marriage is open to "free agency", or the off-season, at the moment, as I am divorced.

    Seemed like at the end of my marriage, it was hunting season. She sat in a "deer stand" and tried to catch doing things wrong.

    Hopefully, the next marriage will be like chili "season"ing. Spicy enough to make you sweat a little, and keep you coming back for more.

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    I was married in the fall & I would say we went through a lot of changes at that time & are very happy. We have settled in nicely into our new family situation. I'm not sure where you found the definitions of the seasons, but at least for me, it's way off.

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    I would say we went from summer quickly through fall and into winter, and are currently transitioning to spring again, but the occasional snow squal is slowing the change of season.

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    In the springtime. (23 yrs and counting)

    Words of wisdom: Communicate, never go to bed angry.

    Before you open your mouth and say something stupid,

    think about whether it's worth it. (Most of the time when we are

    angry, it's best to reconsider)

    Don't run at the first sign of what you think is trouble, talk it out !

    Trust your partner.

    Good Luck

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    Winter. We are having a lot of issues right now, but are planning on getting some counseling to help us get back on track with our lives. It is going to be hard though.

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    There are days I feel all seasons, but in the proper order of

    Spring, summer, fall, winter......And as much as I love summer, I know all seasons are needed when it comes down to reality.

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