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What does military time mean?

i was in the army however we had to drink and do drugs becuase we were bored they wouldnt let us fight the U.S.S.R , AND I DONT REMEMBER!

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    12:00 am - 0000 hours (Zero hundred)

    1:00 am - 0100 hours (O One hundred)

    and so forth

    1:00 pm - 1300 hours (Thirteen hundred)

    2:00 pm - 1400 hours (Fourteen hundred)

    and so forth

    11:00pm - 2300 hours (Twenty Three hundred)

    12:00pm - 2400 hours (Twenty Four hundred)


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    Thats not suprizing they just use all 24 hours to record the day so that am and pm times can be used with out confusion so 1:00 pm is 1300 hours.thats not so bad try using a time clock from a company that has the minuts set 100 per hour instead of 60 per hour so tha 1:15 pm is really 1325 hours.large companies do that so they dont have to pay for a full minut of work times 30000 employees thats a lot of coin.

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    Military time is given on a 24 hour clock rather than two 12 hour segements (am/pm) So 2 pm is 1400. It is also given in four number sets like 0830 (8:30 am). Often for those in the military who are talking in a negative sense about how the military gets things done they will use the term military time to mean that things get done slowly or never.

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    From midnight till noon time is expressed as a number: O'nine hundred = 0900 = 9:00 or nine o'clock. After noon, you add 12 to what ever time it is: 3:00 or three o'clock = 3 + 12 = 15 Add 00 and you have 1500 or fifteen hundred. Most of the world uses 'military' time. I don't know why we're different. Must be a metric;)

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    "Military Time" is a 24 hour clock that does not have "time zones" that was created to prevent confusion in a global war zone.

    Due to the fact that assets may be arriving in a war zone from all over the world, it is necessary to have a clock that does not change based on location or have repeating numbers.

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    23 Hundred Hours

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    1 minute after midnight is 0001 hours.

    1AM is Oh 100 Hours till 12:59 PM (twelve-hundred 59 hours)

    Then from 1PM till 11:59 PM add 12-hundred to each hour.

    1PM becomes 13 hundred hours, 2PM becomes 1499 hours and so on thill 1 minute before midnight is 23 hundred 59 hours and then midnight starts it all over with zero hundred hours.

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    Sounds like your still doing them

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    its the 24-hour clock, that goes by hundreds


    0200 ...


    1600 ...



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    BS! you never forget it.

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