are you owed child support?????I am, by a man that keeps on getting away with it. Do you want a man like that

I am mother and I would hate the fact that my man is not taking care of his own kids but help support mine,that is absolutely crazy. THis man that owes not only me child support but owes another woman, over $ 42,000.00 that he owes. Do you want to know what hes gotten out of it. Last yr,or so,he spent 6 mos. in prison. My son is 14. This is his 1st born and only son....WHAT A MAN!!!!!! We just found out he moved to Harrisburg??????? He may be moving to Florida,so now what...will the other mother and I ever see any money? I doubt it very much. This man has never filed taxes, so where is the irs in this matter. He just moved from MCarthur,Oh, a few miles from his own son,and for another woman and her kids. His name is JOSHUA HAMMONS>>2 kids of his own,a son who should be his namesake,but since he isnt worthy enough his son will never carry on his name. To any one reading this,if you know him let him know his son does not want anyting to do with him.

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