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Insert Picture on Blog entry?

How to insert more one pic on Blog entry?

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    if you mean on 360,have the pic saved in your documents and then when you go to compose a blog entry,you should see something that says "browse" and when you click that just find the pic in your documents,select it,and thats it!

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    Sign up for an account at a file-hosting website (if you don't have one already).




    Upload the pictures to your account.

    Get the URLs of the pictures (The site will give you the URLs after uploading the pictures.)

    When you go to compose/edit a blog:

    1) Check the "View HTML source" box (on the right side of your page/above the 'entry content').

    2) Paste the picture's URL into the HTML tag below:

    <img src="URLofpictureHERE" alt="Image" alt="Image" />

    3) Paste the HTML tag into the text area of your blog and add text.

    4)Preview/save (the pictures will usually show up in preview if the HTML code is correct).

    You can also do a slideshow which will take up less space:


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    1. Use your yahoo account to log in to Flickr (www.flickr.com)

    2. Upload your images

    3. Just copy and paste the images from Flickr to "compose blog entry" box. (Internet Explorer is recommended. If you use Mozilla Firefox, you should use IE to open Flickr, otherwise you can't copy and paste the images)

    Hope that helps :)

  • You can use photobucket,copy to URL and paste in your blog.

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