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Weekend in Amsterdam. What inexpensive hotel would you recommend?

I wonder if it is possible to spend 3-4 days in Amsterdam (with excursions) and not go bankrupt? Recommend a hotel please.

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    I stayed at the Art Gallery Hotel for a weekend in the summer of '05. It was pretty cheap, especially compared to a lot of the other places.

    The rooms are quite small, as it's a very thin building and not much in the way of luxury, but you shouldn't be spending too much time cramped up in the hotel anyway.

    Source(s): Stayed there myself.
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    Ramenas hotel is really nice located near the Jordaan area. It's in the city center and just a short distance from the central station. You can book a room from 60 euros a night. Toilet and shower are in the hallway, shared.

    On this site you'll find a lot of hotels that are okay priced. I filled in 4 days so the price you see is for 4 nights.


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    if u want to spend ur weekend in Amsterdam and if u want hotels details just go through the following website.u can find the required information

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    attempt the Amstel Botel its placed on the river just to the left of Centraal station. that's a boat thats been switched over to a hotel. i exploit it everytime i bypass there and that is placed top the place i think of you're finding for. The rooms are small as they was once cabins yet its very sparkling and run with ease. i can not propose it adequate

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    Bema Budget Hotel.

    Centrally located and inexpensive.

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