Do you know a song that goes, "sex and fashion and money. nobody knows and nobody cares. only sex, sex, sex"?

It was on Season 4 episode 7 of 'The "L" Word'......

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    Shattered - Rolling Stones?

  • 4 years ago

    properly when I first study that i grow to be like what stupid fool would not understand the outcome of sex. all of us learn that in the previous we are 12. besides the undeniable fact that after a touch concept besides the undeniable fact that i realized maximum youngster boys and women are delusional, they don't trust it ought to take position to them. that they are youthful and it feels solid and that because they are youthful they are untouchable. I desire that it did not take someone in transferring into that position in the previous they comprehend that there are consequences. Condoms are not as expensive as a touch one nor are birth control pills or the shot. what's more beneficial romantic 5min (i'm being generous as maximum first timers can not even cope with 5) of secure excitement or 5 min of unprotected excitement and a touch one crying? children are not romantic. they are exertions. And fairly having a newborn is between the most ideal issues that ought to come from unprotected sex or secure sex... imagine Aids. And basically because you've sex secure would not advise you're exempt from consequences. dissimilar people get pregnant or get a ailment at the same time as utilising protection. I basically desire teens would watch for the single and end "spreading the affection". in the actual international a guy would not want a spouse that is had a bunch of fellows and few youngsters with diverse daddies. they prefer a lady that waited. And an similar is going for a guy, no female needs a guy that has few youngsters and a ailment. that is actual, a minimum of the position I stay, perhaps in a huge city that is diverse yet once you've been around the block you basically isn't walking down any aisle. The quote grow to be made through Bristol Palin, no longer Sarah.

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    1 decade ago

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  • Barlow
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    1 decade ago


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