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When will Shawn Michaels FINALLY Sweet Chin Music John Cena?

I saw on Raw just a few minutes ago that Shawn made multiple attempts to get into position for Sweet Chin Music, but when will he ever do it? I can't wait til it happens, becuase i favor Shawn over John any day.

I predict that he will sweet chin music john after their tag team championship match next week (win or lose). IT WILL HAPPEN

Your thoughts?

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    I was hoping he would of hit John right in the head tonight with the chair. That would of been funny! I hope he sweet chin music Cena some time soon.

    Hopefully next week maybe.

    This is what i will predict for next week Cena is going to be in the ring trying to get edge or orton out and michales is going to set either edge or orton up for the sweet chin music and they are going to duck and michaels will hot cena !

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    Very good question. I dint think he was going to do it up to or at No Way Out because you never know what John will do back. But now that it is after No Way Out, and Wrestlemania is soon it might happen next week or the one after. However on the other side of the spectrum, John Cena looked nervous, you don't know what the champ has up his sleeve. FU might be comin to Michaels if he dosen't watvh it.

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    I think John & Shawn will lose next week. Then John will give an FU to Shawn after he thinks that Shawn is trying to give him sweet chin music. Who knows?

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    I hope it's soon and I hope I get to see it when it does happen! I really like Shawn Michaels. Nothing against Cena, but he just doesn't tickle my fancy.

    Go Shawn! Knock that boy's lights out!

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    he's not going to do that, didn't you just hear Shawn say that he's going to have Johns back until wrestlemania? that wouldn't make any sense at all for him to do that, but if he does it'll probably happen after they lose the tag team titles to edge and randy orton.

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    Shawn Michaels - Next Champ

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    i dont think so cause shawn told cena that he has his back so i dont knoiw but i think it will be the week right at WM23 the raw before

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    i know this seem weird but i think he will wait till wrestlemania to knock cena out with sweet chain music.

    i just think he has class enough to keep his word.

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    thwy will win shawn michaels wil winthe tilte

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    To answer your question SOON!

    Ceman needs it!

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