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If U have been to Crater of Diamonds/Ark. What was it like?

Would like to visit in an R.V.

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    My family has been to the Crater of Diamonds state park many times. The last answer was somewhat close. The actual diamond search area is a series of large fields. However, these fields are plowed semi-regularly by the park staff. This is done to aid searchers by exposing fresh lamporite.

    The search area is rough terrain, so be ready for some rough going. Especially if it rains.(Don't be discouraged by rain, many diamonds are found on top of the ground, exposed by falling rain)

    Proper equipment will ensure a pleasent expierience. Rain suits, boots, and rubber gloves. The remaining supplies can be rented at the park for a nominal fee.

    It's surely not as easy as digging a bucket of "dirt" and washing it. there is a science to ofinding diamonds. However, it is possible to find one anywhere. The park staff runs orientation programs to aid in your search. There is also a wonderful display/ interactive learning center. All is highly recommended. Besides this, a great resource is " Genuine Diamond in Arkansas" by Glenn Worthington. This can be purchased on the web, or basically anywhere in Murfreesboro. I definately recommend reading this book before searching.

    About taking your RV to the Crater. There is a great campground on the premises. The staff does a great job keeping the place sparkling clean. Check ahead for availablity.

    The web adress is Craterof

    Mail me if you would like a preview of diamonds we found on our last trip.

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    Meteors do no longer land or roll in craters. The crater is the end results of the impact of sturdy (particularly situations steel), multi-ton rock coming in at 20,000 mph. If a automobile hitting a tree can bypass away chips interior the wood, certainly a sturdy rock from area at severe velocity will bypass away some injury besides. The rock hits the land, and pushes into the floor that the airborne dirt and airborne dirt and dirt around it relatively is pushed upwards in a ring. you are able to attempt this your self, discover a clean mushy airborne dirt and dirt pit, and slam a heavy rock into it as tricky as you are able to, which would be a small occasion of a crater.

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    It is a big, open, dirt field. You can pay a few bucks and try to find a diamond. Some people do. I have been an amateur geologist for years, so I had to visit there when I was going through Arkansas.

    You dig up a bucket of dirt, and carry it to a washing station where you can run water over your dirt to wash out any rocks. Repeat as often as you like.

    However, what I liked best was going to the spa in Hot Springs.

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