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Squirrels Aren't they cute?

now that you're here-I'm tired of the same old dishes:fried squirrel, squirrel gumbo, squirrel w/ gravy-I've got a whole mess of 'em and need some suggestions.

I'm in Louisiana-yes this is real


a little like rabbit, wilder taste, dark meat-not as much as dove though(i can cut alot of the gaminess by soaking in buttermilk)

Update 2:

Thanx all, just needed some help brainstormin'. I'm gonna do a sauce piquant. Little-jerk sounds good-i'll try & find a recipe for next time, unless u can post it. Nicole, try a shrimp po-boy? lol, that's what I had for lunch yest. & I my red beans are as good as anybody's. Also, it's actually called squirrel-head gumbo; was just trying to spare you. You should visit more-we'd love to have ya. Very popular Cajun dish. Jenn, it's for Mardi Gras dinner tonight.

"Squeeler", I'm comin' to get ya!!!

Happy Mardi Gras y'all!!!-thanx again.

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    squirrel burgers

    squirrel meatloaf

    squirrel lasagna

    squirrel in chili

    squirrel soup

    squirrel with ketsup

    BBQ Squirrel

    Cajun Squirrel

    Camp Stew

    Chicken Fried Squirrel

    Chicken Surprise

    Daddy's Squirrel Stew

    Easy Squirrel BBQ

    Mesquite Squirrel

    Simple Roast Squirrel

    Smother - Fried Squirrel

    Squirrel Bog

    Squirrel Cacciatore

    Squirrel Casserole

    Squirrels in Cream Sauce

    Squirrel Creole

    Squirrel Croquettes

    Squirrel & Dressing

    Squirrel Dumplings

    Squirrel Jambalaya

    Squirrel and Noodles

    Squirrel Nuggets

    Squirrel Spit

    Squirrel Stew

    Squirrel Stew Too

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    My parents are from Louisiana and I never heard of fried squirrel and squirrel gumbo. I love gumbo;my family put shrimps chicken and other stuff. I think u should try eating a po boy sandwich or red beans and rice. Peek me for th best answer I go there all the time. I'm going to Louisiana for spring break.

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    squirrel dumplings are my favorite. Baked squirrel is good to just don't bake it too long or on high it will get tough as a boot. Soaking it in buttermilk does help you can also freeze it in it too. you can also boil the meat and make it into a casserole. it takes alot of squirrels to have a good mess but it is well worth the time and effort. the best advise i can give you is pretend it is chicken and cook it just like chicken in what ever way you can.

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    I used to have a cookbook that had "roadkill" recipes in it. (You know what I mean, like squirrel, possum, snake, stuff like that.) I can't find it. I'm not quite sure what the consistency of squirrel is, but I think it's a dark gamey meat, right? You could probably use a duck recipe, or any recipe calling for dark chicken meat.

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    If you need dinner tonight, this is too late, but I like to throw 'em in the crock pot with some onions, celery, and garlic, and serve them with stuffing. (If you use Stove Top, it is a quick easy meal!)

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    What's the flavor profile like? I've never had squirrel.

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    I've never eaten squirrels myself, but the link has TONS of recipies..

    Good Luck!

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    grilled squirrels with jerk seasonings

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