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Even though a father has physical custody of his child, he lives with me and I have supported him. claim him?

My late husband and I have had my gr. nephew living with us practically since birth. His father was in the military and we did receive two years of child support. I also had legal custody of this child. When the father came out of the military he received legal physical custody. However, the child still lived with me and with practically no child support and then the loss of my husband I have provided a home and everything necessary for this child whom I deeply love to have a safe environment both here and at school. The father from time to time gives me some money and now takes the boy on Wed., and Thurs. and brings him back on Friday. I have claimed this child on taxes as he lives here and I almost completely support him. The father did ask if I was going to claim him and I said, "Yes." He also found out he can get money through the child's mother who is on disability, but if the child did not live with him during the time he is claiming, can he?

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