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What's going on in Panama City?

It is amazing, four days now, fun, music, firecrackers... which is the biggest day of the celebrations?

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    Panama City, Panama? CARNAVAL (spanish spelling)!!!!! It's really cranking up right now. Tomorrow (tuesday) is the official day of celebration, however the party began friday evening. By, Tuesday night everyone will be so drunk even though they are suppose to return to work on Wednesday most places of business don't open until noon to give their workers a chance to sober up. This year the celebration is on Transistmica rather than Espana. There are 25,000 tourist in Panama City that have hotel rooms, every hotel is full. There are many more thousands visiting family and friends. Then let's not forget those that are using the roll up mats and just sleeping under the star where ever they get tired. There are 10,000 tourist filling the hotels of Colon.

    The fireworks last night were the most powerful I had heard in the three years I've been here, they woke me from a dead sleep around 1:30. The government spent 3 million dollars on the party this year.

    Also important to mention is the Chinese New Year that happened on Saturday adding to the excitement. We have a very large community of Chinese people here.

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    Panama City as my partner above said, is full of tourist and also of panamanian the Via Transistmica, but the best of the best is about 3 hours away of the City, called Chitré, Ocú or Las Tablas, It is really full of everybody, Tourist and panamanian dancing, drinking, jumping with LA MOJADERA (getting wet with those big cars that throws water to the people). That is the most exciting part of the Carnavales in Panama.

    Most of the people go their works on wednesday, but some of them starts on thursday, because they pay an extra hour for start working on thrusday, because those days, we call death days (Not business for companies), because the people is just thinking in beers and rum and having fun.

    The president make the arrangement on Via transistmica for the people of the capital for the purpose of not moving on the three hours, but the 70% of the people move there, if you are interested to visit or you are here, you are in the best days of party time in Panama. But try to go to Chitre, Ocu or Las Tablas. The best one for me is Ocu, because the carnavales and the shows are always in daytime.

    Have fun.

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    I am 50 miles West of that place, it is fun city. I like to sail there. Mardi Gras in Pensacola is fun. But get a room or take the bus so you don't drive drunk.

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    Carnaval *crying* and I'm missing all the fun !

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