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I was wondering if there is any way to pass a breathailzer test...if so how?

I was just wondering what you need to put in your mouth in order to pass a breathalizer test/ other breath tests

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    Don't drink and drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is the best and as far as I know only way to beat the Breathalyzer.

    Now you can listen to some of the other people on here who are giving answers other than Don't drink and drive, but I would not count on them posting your bond or driving you to work once your license has been suspended.

    As for Alan B's answer. Go for it. If you give just a little puff of air and say that's all you can do, I don't care. It does not make me angry. i am simply going to show you as a refusal for the test. In the state of Texas it is your option to refuse the test, but by doing so I will suspend your license for 180 days as opposed to 90 days if you take the test and fail.

    Here is another point to ponder. Just because you refuse the breathalyzer does not mean you can't be found guilty of DWI. The officer will use all the evidence he has to include in car video to show to the jury. I have arrested and won many cases of DWI this way. There is a lawyer in my town that instructs his clients not to do any Field Sobriety Test, Not to give a sample of their breath or blood, and to invoke their rights. I still get my convictions. It's a little more difficult and a lot more testifying to do, but a good officer who writes a lock solid police report can still win everytime.

    Why do you want to beat the breathalyzer? Do you plan on drinking and driving? If so then are you affraid to take responsibilities for your actions? People like you who try to find ways out of punnishment for intentionally and knowinlgy breaking the law disgust me. Man up and face the music. Your not in trouble until you get caught, but when you do it's your fault. Not the officers, not your parents, not violent shows on tv, it's yours. You made the decision, you got caught, you do the time.

    Source(s): 11 years Law Enforcement
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    There is no way to defeat the Breathalyzer 900/900A, the Intoxilyzer 5000, the Intoximeter, or any other breath testing device for several reasons:

    First, as a part of the operating procedures, the police officer who is operating the machine is required to check your mouth for foreign objects. If he finds something in your mouth, he will require you to spit it out. A refusal to do so on your part is a violation of the Implied Consent Ruling and is a separate criminal offense in and of itself. (The Implied Consent Ruling states that by simply operating a motor vehicle on the roadways of your state, you have agreed that you will give a sample of your blood/breath/urine for the purpose of chemical analysis when asked to do so by a police officer. A refusal is a separate offense not related to the DUI offense. The ruling does not state that you have to be licensed in your state or licensed at all; you simply have to be "operating" a motor vehicle. It also does not differentiate between public and private roadways; it simply says "on the roadways." That's why the BS about pulling into a parking lot won't help you.)

    Second, as a part of the operating procedures, the police officer is required to observe you for a minimum of 20 minutes before giving you the test. This is to give any residual alcohol in your mouth a chance to evaporate so the test doesn't read high, and to ensure that you haven't put anything in your mouth after he checked the first time. (Most alchohol evaporates within 15 minutes, but the extra 5 minutes is tacked on as a precaution.)

    Third, when the officer is ready to take the breath sample from you he will instruct you to blow long and constant (or until he tells you to stop), not hard; the reason for this is that the breath sample the machine uses needs to be from the very bottom portion of your lungs. This sample is known as "deep lung" breath. This is the part of the lungs where the alcohol concentration is the same as the concentration in your blood. If the breath sample is taken from the top portion of your lungs, the reading will be TOO HIGH, and you don't want that.

    If you "short puff" on the officer, you've violated the Implied Consent Ruling and you're screwed. The officer is also trained to recognize this; besides, if the officer has gotten this far in his DUI processing, he's got enough visual observation evidence to convict you already. The Breathalyzer test is just the icing on the cake. Also, if you do manage to hide something in your mouth from the officer and you produce it after he's done the test, you can grin all you want but all the officer needs to do now is process you for Violation of the Implied Consent Ruling. That little stunt is on YOU, not him.

    Lastly, before the breath sample is taken from you the officer will calibrate the machine and ensure that it is operating properly. He does this by running an air sample from a "simulator" (a jar filled with a water/alcohol mixture that has a content equal to a BAC of .10%) through the machine. If the machine reads 0.10% BAC, it's operating properly.

    The bottom line is - you can't beat the machine, so don't drink and drive.

    Source(s): Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Breath Alcohol Instructor for the Breathalyzer 900/900A and Intoxilyzer 5000. Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Standardized Field Sobriety Test/Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Instructor. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
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    Best way to beat a breathalyzer is not to drink, dummy. And by the way, don't pay attention to some of the answers you got on here..most of them will just screw you over. For example, if you give a tiny puff and say that's the best you can do, its very likely the officer will mark it as a 'refused' test...and yes..they can do that. Plus, like someone above said, the police can tow your car from a parking lot. Most times they won't but, if you have an attitude or try being slick, they definately can and will.

    Trust me, the police have heard and seen it all. No tricks you can think up are gonna be new or mind blowing to them. Do yourself a favor, lush....just call a cab.

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    You can't do it. Myth-busters tried every silly idea out there. You can go to the discovery web site and click on the show and they will do a recap of all the results. No luck what so ever and some of the things that they tried actually raised the level.

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    the reason this piece of equipment works is that it is measuring the amount of alcohol that your body is releasing through exhalation. your body releases the contaminants through several means---urinating, sweating and breathing. since the breathalyzer is measuring the "air" coming from your lungs then it will be highly unlikely that you will beat this machine. lightly puffing into the machine will not cause you to pass. in most states that will cause a suspension of your license because you did not comply with the request to submit to testing after a lawful stop.

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    Try not putting alcohol in your mouth before you drive a car. Then, you are guaranteed to pass a breathalyzer. But, you will likely not get pulled over and have to take one if you do this as well.

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    Don't drink and drive. It helps you pass the breathalizer test *and* avoid involuntary manslaughter.

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    nothing, if you try something, it may give a reading that does not make since, if that is the case or the officer feels that you are being deceptive, he can take you to get your blood drawn, and you can't hide that.

    The best way is not to drink and drive, that way you do not put yourself and others (including my family) in danger when you get in your car.

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    Do not drink alcohol. then you will pass a breathalizer.

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