what is the diff. between DVD-R DVD+R... 16x.. 18 x .. 20x?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    dvd-r is more compatible than dvd+r(eg it will play in a wider range of dvd players). in a couple of years one of these formats might disapear as dvd-r is more popular it is more likely to be dvd+r. dvd-r is also slightly cheaper.

    x16, x4, x8 etc refer to the speed that it can be burned. x8 is twice as qucik as x4 and x16 is twice as quick as x8 and so on. but this is limited by the the speed of your dvd burner. if x16 ddisc and your dvd burner is only x8 speed then you will only be able to burn at x8 not at x16

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    R and +R are practically the same thing. I have never had an issue with compatibility with either. I prefer +R because it is a little better when it comes to buffer under/overrun protection. If you burn a lot of movies and such it's definitely the way to go.

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