Do you think that Ellen Pompeos character ( Meridith Grey) is going to be killed off Greys Anatomy ?

I read that Ellen Pompeo's Character (Meridith Grey) on Greys Anatomy is going to be killed off the show ! Does anyone know anything about that ?


F.Y.I the show isn't named after her, it's named after a very large medical book or some sort.

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    Before she drowned Meredith said people were fade away, picture of her mother, and she is disappearing, image of little girl on the dock.

    The little girl is Meredith, the Meredith you saw on the merry go round when she was little.

    In the hospital that little girl is found by her mother.

    Meredith is dead.

    Her mother is dying.

    Meredith has so much more to say, (to her mother ).

    They will have their chance to share their I love yous and their I'm sorries.

    Meredith will be brought back to life to find out that it was all a dream.

    Then it will be learned Ellis died.

    This will allow Meredith to grow up and make decisions for herself without thinking she is doing it because of her mother being in Seattle.

    AFYI the book Gray's Anatomy has little to do with the show Grey's Anatomy. The bok is about what makes up a human being. The show is about what makes up Meredith, the main character.

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    I did some research and found out that people who have been under cold water up to 60 minutes have survived and came out of this type of thing just fine...I also found out that the Doctors can not stop trying to rescusitate a person like this until their body temperature is at least 90 degrees (Meredith's was only up to 81 degrees when the show ended last time) and that a flat line with a person in this condition is not the same thing as a flatline for a person with a normal body temperature so there is still hope for her and this is the way that they could bring her back...I also heard rumors that the original plan was for Meredith to die but she would still be on the show kind of like a ghost or something watching over everyone and narrating...but after the negative response from the fans about the possibility of her Meredith dying, the writers have reconsidered and will not let Meredith die...either way I just hope these things I've found out are true and that Meredith survives!!!

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    The show is named after Meredith Gray's Anatomy is the name of the medical book that med students use. The show was named Grey's as a play on words because the medical book contains information all about how the body works and interacts and the show began with Meredith and how her life works with her interactions.

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    No way! It's Grey's Anatomy-shes Meridith Grey, how could it be Geys Anatomy with out her?

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    no she wont die...shes the main character. plus next weeks episode is callled some kind of miracle. so some how she will survive. if they were going to kill of neone it would be george's charachter bc he wants to quit the show after what dr burke (in real life) called him the "f word"

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    I am doubtful that Meridith would die. The show is named after her.

  • 1 decade ago

    She is flatlined now but I think her mom dies and she gets revived.

    I'll be devastated if she is killed off. I heard that she signed a 6 year contract.

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    No, she's the main character and if she dies the show would get canceled.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't see how they can kill her off, when she's the title character.

  • Anonymous
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    what are they going to call it, Yang's Anatomy...Stevens' Anatomy...Shephard's Anatomy?!

    NO, she won't die!

    For conformation, see

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