No requirements for National Guard CID?

The 1800goguard website lists no requirements for CID in the National Guard.

CID in the Army is limited to persons 21 years of age with a college degree.

Can anyone explain what the catch/missing elements are here?

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    Well U still have to qualify for MP and you have to pass the Officers entrance exam. Also if u wanna be in CID U have to have atleast an degree in Criminal Justice or Forensics. Two, I've never heard of anyone in Traditional Gaurd being in CID considering that CID is an acitve Criminal Investigation Division, its like FBI and NCIS. It covers all active crimes ie, robberies on base, on base housing burgleries and murders on base and off base of active duty personel.

  • homles
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    4 years ago

    you're able to be an MP (or civilian equivalent) for 4 years, have a one hundred ten GT/ST score, and have 30? credit of school first. that is no longer some thing you are able to only enlist for. in case you appeared on the information superhighway website you will see that first hand.

  • i was told by a recruiter that i had to be off luvox for one year to be concidered for the army

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