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Baking Soda for whitening teeth?


I've Heard that baking soda whitens teeth but.....?

How long does it take for results to show?

and what are the specific instructions?

Does Brushing with Baking soda really whiten teeth?



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    To use the baking soda in brushing, first clean your toothbrush thoroughly. Now, shake your toothbrush fairly dry. Next dip the toothbrush in the baking soda so it is completely covered in the white powder. Now brush your teeth thoroughly, scrubbing all sides. It is not really harmful to brush until there is some slight and occasional bleeding of the gums or from between the teeth. This practice after each and every meal can whiten teeth remarkably in two months. You should then continue this habit throughout your life.

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    Baking soda is also great to use as a toothpaste/mouthwash. Just wet your toothbrush, dip in baking soda and brush. Or dissolve a little in warm water and gargle. NOT FOR EVERYONE, but if you add just a little peroxide to you baking soda and brush with it, it will help whiten teeth. Baking Soda is a great teeth whitener. Sprinkle a little on your toothbrush before the paste goes on.

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    While there are several different systems a person might use to whiten their teeth (bleaching teeth), in the last decade it is tray-based whitening that has become the most widely utilized at-home teeth bleaching method. This technique utilizes a custom formed plastic tray that fits comfortably over the wearer's teeth. Bleaching gel (carbamide peroxide) is placed into this tray and the tray is then worn for multiple hours a day (or else overnight), for some weeks, as the effects of the whitening process take place.

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    I heard and done this to my teeth this really works.

    If you brush your teeth day and night with this stuff then you can feel and see the results - you can feel a nice smooth feeling on your teeth. There are really no specific instructions but all you have to do is take a toothbrush wet it and then put the banking soda on the brush and clean your teeth.

    P.S - there is a baking soda toothpaste (Colgate toothpaste)

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    There is a mixture that is good for that

    baking soda make paste with peroxide and add a little salt

    it is good for freshening your breath and it has a sweet taste

    ½ c baking soda + 1 teaspoon salt + peroxide (diluted 50/50) with water. Caution: Use peroxide only 1x per day.

    Toothpaste: Once a day (or more if you like) brush with your choice of toothpaste, preferably one with high baking soda content like Arm and Hammer. For maximum effectiveness, add a bit of baking soda (or baking soda and salt) to your brush and toothpaste.

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    Thats all my grandma ever used, and her teeth are white and all hers, no false teeth. She's 87 yrs old

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    You can buy toothpaste with bakingsoda and peroxide in it. That is what I use.

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