limoncello question?

where in the states can i legally buy 100% pure grain alcohol for making limonchello? i am in italy right now and once i get back to california i want to make it,but not with everclear or vodka. if possible i would like to use the closest i can to what they use here

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    You need to look for Everclear. In CA, you can only get it in 75% strength...however, most recipes call for using a neutral spirit that's >50% so it will do the trick as you expect. Vodka does do an acceptable job, but the higher the alcohol content, the more of the delicate oils it will be able to extract.

    In CA, it's almost impossible to find a neutral grain alcohol that's stronger than 75% (such as everclear)...almost.

    If you're in southern cali, check with Hi Time wine cellars in Costa Mesa where they stock a 95% PGA (pure grain alcohol) imported from Poland.

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