at u know about stagatory rape?

say if a girl is 16 when she sleeps with a older male over 18 and the parent knows about it but dont mind.likes the boy then the child is 17 and gets pregnant and everyone gets mad then she has a sister that is a cop that knew she was datin a older guy but since the 17 year old dont want to get an abortion she wants to send the guy to jail for stagatory rape do you think it still can be done? could the boy still go to jail even if the girl is not considered stagatory rape anymore can he still mess with the girl

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    it depends on what state you live in...most states recognize 16 or 17 as the legal age of consent, but you'd have to check with a lawyer in your state.

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    something lower than the age of 18 years previous is taken into consideration a minor interior u . s .. No, slumbering consisting of your boyfriend once you're 16 and at the same time as he's 15 isn't considered statutory rape. Now, in case you've been 18 and he replaced into 15, it may well be a distinct tale. to positioned it merely, no what you heard isn't authentic. also, i don't know the position you stay besides the undeniable fact that the age of consent in florida is both 16 or 17, which means that if you're courting someone both way youthful than your or way older, and it truly is taken into consideration to be statutory rape lower than state regulation, then it might want to correctly be waived, see you later as your mum and dad supply consent, because you're nevertheless a minor. i replaced into 17 and courting a 24 year previous yet I had consent.

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    It's doubtful. If the parents knew about their daughter having sex with the 18 year old guy and allowed it, I don't see how they can suddenly change their mind once the girl gets knocked up. They should've been responsible parents to begin with and stopped that crap before it got out of hand. Sounds like the sister is just making idle threats. It's possible that the guy could go to jail for it but I think it's highly unlikely. Getting a lawyer would be a good idea. The moral to this story is wrap up your junk if you don't want to get underage girls pregnant & don't sleep with underage girls. It's gross and usually more trouble than it's worth.

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    If someone is willing to press charges, yes.

    The law is there and if the girl isn't going to marry the guy I would suggest she find a no kill counseling center to get help for her and the baby including medical.

    The family doesn't seem supportive if it wants to kill it.

    Unless she wants the guy to get in more trouble, I would suggest he stay far away from her.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe there is no statute of limitations on those type of offences.

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