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Will there be another superman movie?

like with brandon routh, kevin spacey, kate bosworth, and all of them

i love the movie! it was sooo good

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    It was an excellent movie - it followed perfectly with the atmosphere of the Christopher Reeve movies. And I believe there will be more because they will have to follow-up with the story of Superman and his son with Lois Lane.

    All of the new characters were pretty good. They could not have found a better superman.

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    Please don't feel bad but the Superman Returns movie of 2006 was a major flop. If you have seen the older Superman movies made during the 1970's and in the 1980's played by Christopher Reeve, then I bet you would agree that they are far better than Superman Returns.

    Seriously, if you do get a chance then watch the first Superman movie and it's sequels up to Superman IV. The old movies have a much better story. Well, the special effects may not be able to compare the ones today but you as they say, "OLD IS GOLD"

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    Superman: Man of Steel has been green lit

    Summer 2009 is planned release

    Lex will either be absent or downplayed with an 'Alien Opponant' being the focus of the film.

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    YES!!! it will come out 2009(too long for me to wait for my baby, BRANDON ROUTH)....i love superman returns, when it came out on dvd, i went and got it at Midnight, i was the first in my town that got it!!!!!!!! I wasnt around when the older movies were out, but i truly am a fan

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    Yep there will be It comes out May 4 It Looks good I whant to see it .

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    properly Spiderman is on his third movie, as is X-adult adult males. So yeah as long because it makes slightly money they are going to make sequels because of the fact Hollywood does not use many unique memories anymore.

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    should be coz i'm one of the greatest fan of superman

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    I hope not, haven't we been punished enough?


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    I think there will.

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