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tasty easy steamed recipes?

the doc told my hubby to eat steamed food for 3 days, i have a steamer which i used before but all i cooked tasted very bad, so if any one know anything tasty i can make using the steamer

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    Try the following

    Chinese Steamed Trout with Ginger and Spring Onions

    2 whole trout (each weighing about 8 oz/225 g), gutted

    1 inch (2.5 cm) piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and cut into thin strips

    4 spring onions

    1 clove garlic, sliced thinly

    1 level dessertspoon crushed sea salt

    For the sauce:

    1 level teaspoon peeled, grated fresh root ginger

    1 level teaspoon peeled, grated fresh root ginger

    1 clove garlic, chopped

    3 tablespoons Japanese soy sauce

    3 tablespoons Shaosing (Chinese brown rice wine)

    1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

    ½ level teaspoon dark soft brown sugar

    First of all, rinse the trout and dry it with kitchen paper, then sprinkle the outside of the fish with salt and leave aside for half an hour to help firm up the flesh. Meanwhile, place all the sauce ingredients in a small saucepan, then bring them up to simmering point and simmer for 5 minutes. Next, the spring onions should be cut in half where the green and white parts meet, and the very green part cut in diagonals (making diamond shapes when opened out). The rest should be thinly shredded lengthways.

    When you’re ready to cook the trout, wipe the salt away with some more kitchen paper and place the fish in the steamer, with the ginger and garlic scattered inside and all over. Place it over boiling water and steam with a lid on for exactly 15 minutes. Serve the trout with the re-heated sauce poured over and garnished with the spring onions. Plain basmati rice would be a good accompaniment.

    Or Sweet chilli pork stir fry with steamed rice

    250ml/10fl oz vegetable oil, for deep frying

    1 tsp sesame oil

    25g/1oz cornflour

    1 free-range egg white, lightly whisked

    125g/4½oz pork tenderloin, cut into bite-sized slices

    1 tbsp olive oil

    ½ red pepper, sliced

    2 spring onions, sliced

    ½ tsp dried chilli flakes

    1 tbsp soy sauce

    1 tbsp honey

    55g/2oz basmati rice, cooked according to packet instructions

    fresh dill, chopped to garnish


    1. Heat the vegetable oil in a deep, heavy bottomed saucepan, until very hot or until a breadcrumb sizzles in it (CAUTION: Hot oil is very dangerous. Do not leave unattended).

    2. Make a batter by whisking the sesame oil, cornflour and egg white together. Dip the pork in the batter to coat, then place into the hot oil to deep fry for three minutes or until crisp and cooked through. Remove and drain on kitchen towels.

    3. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a wok. Add the pepper, onions and chilli flakes and stir-fry for three minutes. Then add the soy sauce, honey and pork, and cook for one minute to warm through.

    4. Serve with the cooked rice and garnish with dill.

    Or Lamb steamed with preserved lemon and cumin

    For the spice paste

    1 large preserved lemon, washed, flesh discarded, rind roughly chopped

    1½ large onions, sliced

    1 tbsp cumin seeds, roughly ground

    2 small heads garlic, cloves halved

    3 tbsp roughly chopped fresh coriander

    For the meat

    6 whole lamb shanks, or 1 shoulder of lamb on the bone, about 1.8kg/4lb, trimmed and sawn into 6 pieces (ask your butcher to do this for you)

    75g/3oz butter

    150ml/5fl oz water

    salt and freshly ground black pepper

    mixed herb salad and flatbread, to serve


    1. Preheat the oven to 230C/450F/Gas 8.

    2. To make the spice paste, blend the preserved lemon, onion, cumin, garlic and coriander in a food processor.

    3. For the meat, place the meat, spice paste, butter and water in a heavy-bottomed medium-sized saucepan and mix together thoroughly. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

    4. Cover the top of the meat with baking parchment, then cover the top of the saucepan with kitchen foil, then put on a tight-fitting lid.

    5. Place in the hot oven and immediately turn the heat down to 140C/275F/Gas 1. Cook for 5-6 hours.

    6. Remove and check for seasoning. The meat should be falling off the bone. Serve with a mixed herb salad and some flatbread.

    Or Steamed sea bass with soy and ginger

    4 spring onions, sliced diagonally

    25g/1oz fresh ginger, cut into thin strips

    1 tbsp light soy sauce

    2 tbsp sherry (or Shaoxing wine)

    6 180g/6oz pieces of sea bass, skin on

    6 squares of banana leaf, to fit in your steamer baskets

    1 tbsp vegetable oil

    1 tbsp soy sauce

    250g/9oz Chinese greens, cut in half

    2 tsp sesame oil


    1. Place half the spring onions and all the ginger into a bowl.

    2. Set the remaining spring onions aside.

    3. Pour the soy sauce and sherry over the spring onions and ginger.

    4. Place the fish skin side up on a board and make six small incisions into each.

    5. Place the banana leaves into the steamer and place a piece of sea bass on top of each piece of leaf. (If you have a large steamer you should be able to fit 3 in each steamer layer.)

    6. Spoon the spring onion mixture over the top.

    7. Place the lid on the steamer and set over a saucepan of boiling water.

    8. Steam for 6-7 minutes until just cooked through.

    9. Meanwhile, heat the groundnut oil in a wok and stir-fry the Chinese greens until tender.

    10. Finally, heat a frying pan until hot, and add the sesame oil and heat until just smoking.

    11. To serve, place the greens onto a plate, top with the fish, and remaining spring onions, then pour over the hot sesame oil.

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    Steamed food requires that flavor be added before and after cooking- Unlike frying, roasting, etc.. Marinate meats and vegetables prior to cooking, and then make sauces to pour over the top, or for dipping when served. Cut up some chicken breast and vegetables and steam them... (Be sure to determine when each ingredient should be added to the steamer and in what order)- Baby carrots, parsnips and onions are great, but they take a while, so they should be added first. Chicken, when cut into inch size chunks, takes around 5 minutes to steam. Leafy vegetables take just a couple of minutes. (Alot of it is also dependent on how thin you slice your ingredients -the thinner theyr'e sliced, the less time they take to cook.) Anyway, after your ingredients are all beautifully steamed, mix up some soy sauce, fresh garlic, black pepper, vinegar, and sesame seeds & oil, break out the chopsticks, and start dipping. Get a cookbook with a good section on steaming too, that might help. Good luck!

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    Sweetie,Stream some vegetables.Broccoli or cauliflower.Can he have cheese?If so drizzle some cheddar cheese sauce over it,or sprinkle some fresh mozzarella.You can steam carrots,pea pods,green beans.Use your imagination,but make sure you used lots of seasonings as they willbe bland if you do not.Do not let them go to far,or they will turn to mush.You want something that still has a bite to it,not raw but not mush either.When using a steamer that is a mistake many use,they let them go too far.You can steam cabbage.You can cook many dishes in a steamer.Just let your imagination take over and go with it.Here are a few recipes.

    Cabbage Rolls-

    6 large cabbage leaves

    2 dried mushrooms

    30 grams straw mushrooms

    30 grams silver sprouts*

    3 water chestnuts**

    1/4 carrot

    a little dried fungus

    a little black moss


    1/2 teaspoon rice wine

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    Cornstarch Mixture:

    40 ml water or liquid from the reconstituted mushrooms

    1/2 teaspoon cornstarch


    40 ml water (or stock if desired)

    1/4 teaspoon sugar

    1/2 tablespoon vegetarian oyster sauce

    pepper to taste

    a few drops sesame oil

    1 - 2 tablespoons oil for stir-frying, as needed


    Parboil cabbage leaves in the wok in boiling water for 2 - 3 minutes. This will help the filling stick to the cabbage. Move the leaves around with chopsticks so they will soften. Drain well.

    Soak the dried mushrooms in warm water for between 20 - 30 minutes. Save the soaking liquid to use if desired.

    Pound Cake-

    1 cup cake flour

    1 tsp baking powder

    1/4 tsp salt

    5 eggs

    1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

    3/4 cup sugar

    1 tsp almond extract


    Line a 9 X 9 inch cake pan with parchment paper. Prepare a wok for steaming.

    Place the flour in a medium bowl. Sift in the baking powder and salt and set aside.

    Separate the egg yolks and the egg whites.

    Steamed Vegetable Medley

    2 cups cauliflower florets

    1 cup carrots, sliced diagonally

    1 medium red onion, sliced and separated into rings

    1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms

    1 1/2 tablespoons margarine

    1 tablespoon lemon juice

    1/4 teaspoon dried basil, crushed

    1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram, crushed

    Place the cauliflower, carrots and onion in steamer basket.

    Cover and steam over boiling water for 10 minutes.

    Add mushroom and steam 5 minutes more or until vegetables are just tender.

    Meanwhile, melt margarine.

    Add lemon juice, basil and marjoram.

    To serve, place vegetables in serving bowl.

    Pour lemon mixture over vegetables and toss to coat.

    Good luck hun and have a good day!!

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    It sounds like your problem in the past was lack of seasoning, or over cooking.

    I use a steamer daily, for my veges, over a pot of water with the spuds in.

    I only lightly salt them, as you can add more at the table to taste.

    If you are doing meat put it under the grill in the oven.

    With chicken remove the skin and grill them

    If your food still tastes bland add some sauce.

    Cabbage with vinegars (your favourite) I've been using mint sauce lately.

    Carrots and honey.

    Pumpkin and nutmeg.


    When shopping check out the herb and spice section the sauces and get you own ideas.

    Also check for fresh herbs.

    We can buy small pottles of growing herbs that you help yourself as needed and they will continue to grow.

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    1) steamed potato

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