what is the maxium capacity of a hard drive in a 40gb hard disc?

how much gb (max)capacity we can partion on a C drive? most of the down loads r go to C drive only

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    The amount of the partition can be anything. if its already partitioned you cant change the size but you can always delete a partition and create a new one if you have the software. but if you partition, dont leave to little space on C becuase all installed programs go on C. at least 10G should be left on C. to see how much space you have on each drive, click on MY Computer. on each drive just click once do display info on your space.

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    1. You can use 38.4 GB maximum space for a 40 GB HDD.

    2. You can use total of these space for maximum partition.

    3. You can save your downloads in different partition of your HDD by clicking following steps.

    (1) Use Save target as.

    (2) Use drop down menu on left top corner of that window.

    (3) Mention your hard drive / folder

    (4) Save.

    Enjoy the download.

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    hi, that's not significant if yours is a single processor or twin processor or center 2 duo or quad center or any element else. there is not any shrink to the dimensions of the tricky disk you need to use with it. on your guidance, i'm using a single processor equipment pentium 4. on the time of scripting this I even have related a 1TB western digital tricky disk to my equipment and engaged on it. stable success.

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    well you can have a single partition of wait for it........40GB , but the OS will use some of that so you would be left with about 37gb.

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    almost 38.898 gb


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