Shelf life of whiskey, vodka, gin etc.?

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I found some dusy opened bottles of gin, brandy, whiskey, crown royal behind a shelf in my grandmother's house. What exactly is the shelf life of vodka, gin or brandy after it more
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As long as it's been sealed, it should be fine. That stuff lasts FOREVER.

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I though so too.
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  • GiggleFairy answered 7 years ago
    Call your local liquor store. They'll tell you accurately REAL QUICK! I had some questionable Vodka that had been opened, chilled, left in the car trunk, so forth and so on, and it was GREAT! Never would have tried it without their input. On the other hand, my Vodka's partner had to be trashed once it was opened.
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  • kanman1958 answered 7 years ago
    If the tops were on tight it should still be good, even the brandy.

    I once found some whiskey that had been sitting around for 50 years and it was fine
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  • littleheadcat answered 7 years ago
    if they have been opened and dusty for years
    they will be drinkable
    but they will have a musky taste
    so if you are going to drink them---it's best to pour them through cheesecloth first
    it will help remove some of the dust and settlement from the bottles
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