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guild wars?

guild wars is a lot like WoW right? i like wow, but dont want to pay that much. would you guys recommend guild wars?

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    guild wars is aw some!!!!!!!!!! its graphics are amazing, much better than WoW, although the game play is a little worse its still a GREAT game and i love to play it much more than WoW, also WoW is a sort of obsessive game, you have to play it non stop to be ay good, but with guild wars you can stop and pick it up at any time. so yes i recommend GUILD WARS.

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    In my personal opinion, Guild Wars is fun if you want to play by yourself. But, if you want a game where you can group up, do quests, level fast, and have a great time then i would go with WoW. Also, Burning Crusade is another great reason to get WoW.

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