Anyone speak French? I was wondering about the pronunciation of names like Morgane and Doriane.?

I'm assuming they're a bit different than simply Morgan and Dorian, but would it be a long "a" sound (along the lines of Mor-gain and Dor-ee-ain) or perhaps closer to Morgana and Doriana (short "u" sound at the end), or something entirely different? Thanks!

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    Morgane is pronounced Mor-GON but the R is at the back of the throat. The GON is a cross between a short A and O. Doriane is pronounced Dor-e-ON but again it's a cross between an A and an O. Doriana would just be Dor-e-ON-u. The U isn't like you or uh but uu. Like you're sighing almost. The R's are in the back of the throat like you're coughing. I'm sorry it's kind of confusing the way I said it.

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    The french kind of skim over their "r's" if you get what I mean. Morgenne is Mor-gene and Dorienne is Dor-e-enne. I think those spellings are more french.

    I can't exactly describe it. I hope you understand what I have. That's what makes sense to me based on what I learn, but I can't tell you how clear my pronounciations are. I know they make sense to me, but I hope they make sense to you too!!


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    (more - geh' - n - {almost silent} euh )


    (Dohr' - ee - ehn - {almost silent} euh)

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