similarities between a mixed economy and a fascist economy?

What similarities can be determined between a fascist economy and a mixed economy?

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    A fascist economy is in most ways a mixed economy. It has a centralized political authority, which makes most decisions about production. Production is generally directed towards the military, with the needs of consumers as secondary. It is a Command economy in terms of the what and how of production.

    Distribution is more mixed. Italy under Mussolini, Nazi Germany and Spain under Franco were all fascist dictatorships. Yet they all had market economies. People bought and sold goods at prices that were largely set by the market. Prices actually shot through the roof during World War II, as scarce goods suddenly became more valuable.

    Mussolini actually called his system Corporatism, in that corporations effectively shared power with the government.

    Excellent article here:


    Your best bet is to take the definition of mixed economy and compare it to actual fascist governments.

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