did u start uni then didnt finish?


if u hav finished it then dont answer...

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    1 decade ago
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    i started but didn't finish... i scored in the top three percent in the nation on my college entrance exams and had a free ride to any college/university in the nation... i wasn't as mature as i needed to be and didn't take it as serious as i should have...

    i met a girl,dropped out after two years,she left three years later...

    had i finished,i don't know that i'd be making any more money than i do now and my life certainly would've been different but i'm not sure i would've been happier...

    some opportunities i could have taken advantage of along the way would certainly have led to much greater wealth than i enjoy now and some decisions i've made have had consequences that i didn't anticipate but.... i'm happy.

    it's not good to waste time thinking about what 'might have been' when 'what is' is right in front of you. i have no regrets because decisions i made to do things that some might consider led me to missing out on one future led to some wonderful things that i would have missed out on had i not done some of the those things or made some of those decisions that i did. i hope that made sense....

    money never really motivated me because early on i realized you really can't take it with you and life's too short to not be happy.

    my family has a roof over it's head and food on the table. i play my guitar. i paint a picture when the mood strikes me. i love my wife and my kids. i really am blessed. for me,i wouldn't change a thing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I finished it, and I would advice you to finish it too as it will give you a better life than the one that you will get if you quit it now. All the best.

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