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computer crashes help!:(?

my computer just "crashed" the very beginning, all my computer fonts and my cursor on the screen were huge...i restarted it a couple times, turned it off once and i'm sitll getting the same problem....anyone know what i can do?:(

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    Crashes could happen for a couple of reasons, but the main one could simply be that your PC had "too much on it's place" at once...and crashed.

    To help avoid crashes, make sure that you have twice as much hard drive space available as you have RAM. For example, a system with 16MB of RAM should have 32MB of hard drive space available for your swap file. In addition, your computer is constantly creating new temporary files (.TMP) to help with productivity. To help avoid crashes, regularly delete all the .TMP files that are not currently being used. Using your Find feature (Start>Find>Files or Folders), search for *.TMP files, sort the files by date, and delete all the .TMP files without today's date.

    Good luck with happens to the best of us.

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    You need to be a little more specific, but did you change the display settings?

    I will assume you did.

    Go to start, control panel, Display, Settings

    Change color quality to Highest (32 bit) and your screen resolution to what your monitor supports ( mine is 1024x768)

    then apply, OK.

    You might need to reboot, depending on your set up.

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    it almost sounds like its stuck in safe-mode

    restart, and during the boot screens, just start pressing f8 like crazy! then a boot screen should come up asking what to do, and select "start windows normally"

    But i don't know, that's weird

    * another thing you can do is right click on your desktop, and try setting your resolution to like 1024x768 or something

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    Maybe you have accidentally turned the magnifier on. Go to Programs, go to Accessories,go to Accesability, click on Magnifier. If the magnification is higher than 2, change it.

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    It could be your video card. Can you boot into safe mode? If you cannot make it behave, you may have to call a repairman.

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