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What is your opinion on the "designer dog" breeds?

I am a dog trainer, and I have been very intrigued with the trend in buying designer dogs lately. What is your opinion on them? Do you think they are mutts, or do you think they should be AKC certified? If so, which is your favorite? How much is the most you would pay for one? I was just curious....

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    I personally think that they are mutts, and it is pathetic that people are paying the same prices for mutts as they are for some registered purebreds. If people want a mutt they should go to the shelter. I think that it is sad that people are paying $500+ for a mutt when they could save a live at a shelter. But, the people that intentionally breed them are at fault too.

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    I think you need to research whatever dog you are going to buy. The new designer breeds, like puggles have the drawback that people do not know what the breeds will truly be like over the years. I see so many people hear post on things that are common sense, how to I make my Vizla less hyper, well, you should not have gotten a vizla.

    I’ve had mutts and AKCs, each dog has their own personalities and needs. Any mixed breed dog (planned or unplanned) can have the best or worst of the parents.

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    properly incredibly the Labradoodle relatively isn't a "new" clothier breed. they have been in life for approximately 2 an prolonged time. They originate from Australia. They have been bred to be service canines for the handicapped. What began them making that breed is a handicapped individual replaced into quite allergic to canines so the desperate to test and breed a Lab and Poodle jointly and whola the Labradoodle replaced into made. however the whole area of Yorkiepoo's, Cockapoo's, and the the remainder of the doodle canines they're making at present i think of is poor. The doodle canines nevertheless have an inclination to be a biting gadget. The smaller the breed the worst it relatively is. The Labradoodle being the only respectable properly mannered dogs.

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    Let us be realistic about this! You folks so adamant about 'cross-breeds' need to understand that every single 'pure bred' is nothing more than a 'cross-breed' that has been around long enough in a 'standardized form' to 'earn' recognition by some association (AKC or the like). In particular I mention the Doberman Pincer, specifically developed from cross breeding to create 'perfect' guard dogs for those carrying cash and other valuables. In another instance, the Cavilier King Charles Spaniel was cross bred from other breeds to create the 'perfect' companion/lap dog.

    Both of these breeds thrive today, but were at one point in time, would have been considered 'mutts'.

    I personally am a devotee of the Irish Setter. In particular, the solid red ones, which were bred from other hunting stock, most of which still remain today in their respective 'pure breed' status.

    I agree with a lot of the comments, I know many breeders are just interested in turning a buck, as are many buyers of 'designer dogs' are only looking to satisfy an over blown ego of some type.

    So, I think we need to put the emphasis on what creates and motivates this obsession with trying to introduce these new breeds. Mostly I feel that it is a lot concerned with our AMERICAN attitudes and motivations to be trendy or stylish. We pretty much here in America have developed new breeds without regard much to the purpose of the outcome. Other societies bred mixed breeds to enhance specific qualities of the new dog. Examples would be hunting, hauling. shepherding, guarding, and companionship. I can not find much fault in doing this. On the other side, I abhor crossing breeds just to see if they can 'catch on' and bring in money!

    So lastly, perspective is the key here, please be patient with others, and NEVER buy a doggie from a puppy mill... better to save a life at the shelter!

    Oh, I do volunteer work in a breed rescue group, but will assist any dog that needs help.

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    They are cross breeds AKA mutts. These are not AKC recognized dog breeds, and the people breeding them are making unfounded and confusing claims (like Labradoodles don't shed or get allergies-if you believe that, I've got some ocean front property in Kansas I'd like to sell you). There's NO standard on how these dogs turn out size-wise or haircoat wise. If you want a cross-breed dog, you can get one at the humane society for about $450 less than one from a "designer" breeder, for the exact same cross. It's ridiculous. It takes advantage of people who have no idea what it means for a dog to be "pure bred'.

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    I show Golden Retrievers professionally with the AKC and I am appaled at any and all designer mutts. I especially despise goldendoodles.

    Anyone who breeds or buys one of these designer mutts ought to never be allowed to have a dog ever again!

    We ought to be breeding only to enhance the breeds we have. We also should all be striving to see that fewer and fewer dogs enter the shelters and even then that fewer and fewer dogs die while in the shelters.

    Any dog bred to another is a dog owned by an irresponsible owner and the puppies can then ONLY be called MUTTS!!

    In my professional opinion, labradoodles and goldendoodles are some of the ugliest mutts on earth.

    On the other hand, in the shelters and rescue groups, if we all began calling the mutts we have by their other "designer" dog names, such as a toy poodle mixed with a maltese, and called it a maltipoo, maybe it would be adopted out faster.

    Of course, the adoption fee would be more like $100 instead of like, what, $2000????

    So my opinion on designer mutts is that is is a terrible trend that is devastating our shelters, and anyone involved in breeding or buying one of them ought to be fined and punished severely.

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    I don't really like the designer dog breeds because it's just a mix of two other breeds I don't really see anything special in that. I don't think they should be akc or ukc or any recognized. It's not that I don't think they are cute but I just think that anybody could breed a dog and call it something. Sonner or later we would have hundreds of new breeds enter dog show and I think it would be a mess. But if I did have to pick a favorite I would pick labradoodles. I kind of just think they are mutts and the most I would pay for one is 100 bucks. My friend got a pikapoo for 1,000 buck I think that is ridiculous for not even a pure bred.

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    I have always found that the question of designer dogs brings out the best in purebred breeders. It's quite remarkable how they all tend to forget that the breed they are breeding was once a mixed breed itself (albeit, a long time ago)

    All purebred dog were bred for a purpose, mostly as working dogs and than more recently (like in the 1600 to 1700's) to be companion dogs. For example dogs like the Bichon Frise or the Miniature Poodle.

    The designer dogs that we see today are just an extension of this idea of breeding companion dogs and creating breeds with the best traits of the breed parents.

    Obviously, anyone who breeds irresponsibly shoud be shut down. However that can be said equally of purebreed as well as mixed breed breederss...a puppy mill is a puppy mill.

    The arguement of keeping breeds pure stikes me a elitist and racist...imagine saying that about people! If we followed along with what the purists want, we'd still be running with the wolves.

    If you are looking for a dog for you family though, whether it be purebred, mixed breed, designer breed or MUTT, go to your local shelter first, then a dog rescue group, then a breeder.

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    They're not "breeds", they're mutts. "Breed" implies that you can predict, within a given degree, what the offspring will look like. It also means that if you mate two dogs of the same BREED, you get the same breed.

    Crossing a pug with a beagle and claiming it's a new breed called a "puggle" is idiotic.

    Paying someone hundreds of dollars for a pug/beagle cross that they've made, when you can go to a rescue group and find hundreds of mixed breeds who need homes is also idiotic.

    But the bottom feeders who intentionally make more mixed breeds when millions of dogs are killed every year because there aren't enough homes from them already are the scum of the earth, IMHO.

    Source(s): Rescue volunteer for six years. Including walking the shelter and seeing how many dogs are already out there who need homes.
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    I don't like these designer breeds. Some of them are just down right ugly! If you've never owned of the regular breeds of these designer breeds..you don't know how the temperment will be. I personally think that if you want a mixed breed..go to a shelter, if you want a pure bred, go to a rescue group or buy a puppy.

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