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has anybody finished the Zelda TP game yet?

I have and im so bummed out haha.

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    I did and was mad, confused and REALLY want midna to come back in another game.


    I'm mad cause Midna broke the mirror so she can't come back and Link can't go to her. I thought they would have made a MUCH cuter couple then Link and Zelda.

    Confused cause WHY did she feel she had to break the Mirror??? She obviously liked Link as much as he liked her...

    I thought Midna was the best companion he's ever had for the games. Navi was annoying and degrading, Tatl was just a pest, but Midna helped through the game more then any other companion he's had. she helped him with puzzles and enemies. So she was occasionally mean, big whoop, she's a princess. and whoever said she was prettier in her "normal" form is demented. She was adorable as an imp. Kinda pretty/creepy in "normal" but that's just my opinion.

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