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How do I buy stocks?

I don not know anything about the stock market, but how do I buy stocks from chevron and any other company?

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    You open a brokerage account. You put money on account. When the money clears the bank, then you click "trade", key in CVX (the stock symbol for Chevron), and how many shares--brokerage fee at Scottrade is $7, so subtract that from the amount you want to spend, then divide the remainder by the dollar amount of the last trade (about $70-71 ish last Friday, but Monday will be different). Then they hold the number of shares on your account (if you want the certificate, it will cost you more).

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    Take a few weeks to familiarize yourself with some basics about the stock market.

    Ask yourself why on earth you would reasonably want to spend your money on something that you know nothing about right now.

    Don't be a lazy POS and try to earn something the easy way. Take the time to learn and you'll be better for it.

    BTW most stockbrokers are broke-*** pieces of crap---- If you want to be rich---look at what rich people do with their time and money (first and foremost, they learn about how to make money). Stock-brokers are mostly errand-boy salesmen who are only interested in selling you something they would never buy.

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    Don't buy stocks unless you know why you are buying, what you are buying and for what purpose you are buying.

    That said, you can buy many stocks directly from companies without having a stock broker. DRIP's

    Or you can open up a brokerage account at one of the thousands of brokers out there (scotrade, schwab, fidelity etc etc ad naseum).

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    Go to a stock company like Smith-Barney and tell the broker just what you are looking for and he would be glad to help you. Just a word, don't invest any more than you can afford to loose.Stay away from day trading. Enjoy.

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    I use a brokerage house like Fidelity. If you pick the once you open a account with them it is a breeze and they walk you through it on the phone.

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    Great places to learn more:

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    see a stockbroker

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