What the difference between playo dvd +r and -r??

What the difference between playo dvd +r and -r?? Which one is better ??

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    The DVD+R and DVD-R are competing formats much like the old VHS and Beta formats in video tapes. Today most drives are Hybrid and handle both formats. They are usually labeled DVD+/-R

    The market for recordable DVD technology shows little sign of settling down in favor of either the plus or dash formats, which is mostly the result of the increasing numbers of dual-format devices that can record to both formats; it has become very difficult to find new devices that can only record to one of the formats. However, because the DVD-R format has been in use since 1997, it has had a five-year lead on DVD+R. As such, older or cheaper DVD players (up to 2004 vintage) are more likely to favor the DVD-R standard exclusively, and when creating DVD’s for distribution (where the playing unit is unknown or older) the DVD-R format would normally be preferable.

    My personal experience has led me towards using the +R but I have no solid reason in favor of either.


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    Not much, except technically they are different in some way normal users should not care. The DVD-R is older and most devices are compatible with this format, the DVD+R is the newer format (actually this is DVD+RW - W, if that makes sense). Now-a-days, most players play both, so should be okay to ignore this difference esp. if your player is less than a couple of years old. Does not hurt to check compatibility from your player manuals - you may have a unique player that does not support one of these!

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  • 1 decade ago

    DVD +R and -R are nothing but two different schools of thought or in other words, technology. A DVD +R drive will not read DVD -R disc and vice versa. So when you are buying the drive confirm if it is +R or -R drive. The best bet is to go for a DVD+/-R drives which reads both +R and -R drives. If you are not gettng a DVD +/- R then prefer DVD +R. Hope this clears your doubt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If your burner can take either format and can set the BookType on DVD+R disk to DVD-ROM, then I would go for DVD+R. Most Video cameras will set the Book Mark DVD+R as DVD-ROM and PC/Mac software will give you the option - if the drive supports it.

    As for Playo DVDs....I would only purchase them if they had a great rebate that bought them down to about 10 cents apiece.

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