Which media is the most effective?

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    If you're talking about the most effective media world-wide, I'd have to say radio. Radio is easily available to many people world-wide, is free, and provides information to people who can't read or write as well. There still is a problem with government censorship, propaganda, and harassment of journalists.

    Next, I'd say print media, like newspapers, journals, magazines and books would be the most effective and available media to people world-wide, since some print media can be attained at a low cost. But some people can't read, there is still a substantial literacy problem in the world. And again, the government can censor, harass and jail journalists.

    Television can be made available to many people world-wide, even if they can't read or write, but a television can be expensive, and is it effective? If by effective you mean fairly inform the public, I don't think television in America is doing that. Here, television media is owned by a small number of corporate entities that care more about ratings and could care less about fair reporting.

    I think the internet has great potential for people who can afford a computer and a computer connection service. But many people in the United States can't afford a computer! You also have to be able to read, and frankly the literacy rate isn't the best in the US, let alone world-wide. I think being able to access newspapers, radio, video from around the world, plus personal web sites and blogs has incredible potential for media effectiveness, but it could also get bogged down in "infotainment as well."

    Great question!

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    I think newspaper still stays as one of the most effective media, besides the Internet. But, newspaper is more affordable and can reach all groups of people, unlike the Net which can only reach the computer literate people.

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    I would like to say print, because the written word that informs, challenges and ignites conversation is my first love. However, because of its instant access and viewership, I have to say broadcast is the most effective. People's short attention span factors in as well, they just don't read that much.

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    most definitely television. Because for one thing television is like the media that pumps up the other media.

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    It's obvious, the computer is probably the greatest technology yet, and it's still evolving. Soon we'll be able to do Yahoo Answers and see each other type....how crazy would that have been 25 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    see fox navey docs post just below yours in news _events

    a first post be an agent provocateur planting seeds of treason

    what media indeed

    blogging is able to produce wave upon wave of fear

    to suggest neo right wing bias media feeds this type would be to judge things too harsh

    but by thier deeds they be revealed ,

    lets face it blogging is a great way to get your point over ,

    whatever that point may be ,

    no editor as such ;like news papers ,tv is virtually impossable to get to but unless you spend up big time on thier adverts ,or a wackey type cast

    Source(s): see news and events /fox1navtdoc
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    Television is most effective because what it show raises/increases emotions in viewers.

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    1 decade ago

    people talking about the news is the most effective ... then T.V

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    1 decade ago

    Probably something televised because we are all becoming glued to those screens and we watch them and it is just SHOT into our brain.

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    Internet... most people are hooked to it now................. than before and........... increasing

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