What is Uga VI mascot's full registry name?

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    Hey sorry , i tried hard to find the name of uga VI

    but i could get it only upto V:

    Record: 39-13-0 (1999-??)

    Registered name: Uga V's Whatchagot Loran?

    Record vs. Florida: 0-4

    Bowl record: 4-1-0

    Career highlights: Defeated UT three time so far in his career, and shows no sign of letting up. Also an SEC Champion....not too shabby!

    Record: 69-41-1 (1990-99)

    Registered name: Uga IV's Magillicuddy Two

    Record vs. Florida: 1-8

    Bowl record: 5-2-1

    Career highlights: A national celebrity, earning undying love of Bulldog fans everywhere after lunging at an Auburn player in quadruple-overtime UGA win in 1996. Named best mascot in the nation, featured on cover of Sports Illustrated in 1998. Profiled by major TV networks. Earned feature role in Savannah-based movie ''Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,'' collaborating with director Clint Eastwood.

    Record: 77-27-4 (1980-89)

    Registered name: Uga III's Magillicuddy

    Record vs. Florida: 7-2

    Bowl record: 3-4-2

    Career highlights: With 77 wins, the winningest Uga. Overcame major knee surgery to continue career. Wearing a bow tie and formal collar, honored guest at 1982 Heisman Trophy banquet with Herschel Walker. Like Uga I, a medical pioneer -- fourth dog in United States to be treated for dry-eye with cyclosporin. Honorary chair of the Great American Smokeout.

    Epitaph: The Dog of the Decade

    Record: 64-28-2 (1973-80)

    Registered name: Ole Dan's Uga Two

    Record vs. Florida: 7-2

    Bowl record: 2-4

    Career highlights: Named to ''Animal Who's Who'' along with such illustrious company as Chip 'n' Dale, The Cheshire Cat, the Golden *** and the Cowardly Lion. Received ''Key to the City'' from hometown mayor at reception at Savannah Golf Club. Closed out illustrious career with national championship victory over Notre Dame in Sugar Bowl.

    Epitaph: How 'Bout This Dog

    Record: 47-17-3 (1966-72)

    Registered name: Ole Dan's Uga

    Record vs. Florida: 4-2-1

    Bowl record: 3-2

    Career highlights: Mascot for two of UGA's best-loved teams, the underdog SEC champions of 1966 and 1968. Best winning percentage of any Uga. Personal friend of UGA legends Bill Stanfill, Jake Scott and Bobby Walden.

    Epitaph: Not Bad for a Dog

    Record: 53-53-6 (1955-65)

    Registered name: Hood's Ole Dan

    Record vs. Florida: 2-9

    Bowl record: 2-0

    Career highlights: Kidnapped twice. Medical pioneer in arsenic treatment for heartworms. Witnessed Theron Sapp score the touchdown that broke the nine-year drought against Georgia Tech in 1957. Helped lead UGA to 1959 SEC title, its first in 11 years. Sat on the hood of a Cadillac in the 1960 Orange Bowl parade in Miami, then watched Fran Tarkenton and UGA whip Missouri.

    Epitaph: Damn Good Dog

    Record: 3-1 (1986)

    Career highlights: Filled in while his injured brother, Uga IV, recovered from knee surgery for four games, including 20-16 win over nationally ranked Auburn engineered by backup quarterback Wayne Johnson.

    (After the game, Auburn officials turned water hoses on Georgia fans flooding onto the field.) Named by former coach Vince Dooley as his favorite all-time Uga mascot because he came off the bench and got the job done.

    The other one is:

    * Uga I (1956-1966) - the original, a descendant of an English bulldog that accompanied the Georgia football team to its Rose Bowl appearance in 1942.

    * Uga II (1966-1972) - two SEC titles (1966 & 1968).

    * Uga III (1972-1981) - presided over Georgia's second national championship season in 1980 and two SEC championships (1975 & 1980); had the most victories against ranked opponents (12).

    * Uga IV (1981-1990) - was the first live mascot ever invited to a Heisman trophy presentation in 1982 when, while wearing a tux, Uga IV accompanied Herschel Walker to the Downtown Athletic Club; two SEC championships (1981 & 1982).

    * Uga V (1990-1999) - portrayed his father, Uga IV, in the motion picture "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997; propelled to the national spotlight when he lunged at an Auburn wide receiver, Robert Baker, during a game in 1996.

    * Uga VI (1999-present) - two SEC championships (2002 & 2005)

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    Why don't you ask him? He has a myspace page!


    I would have emailed and asked myself, since I do like the Ugas, but then I checked and saw that you don't bother to pick best answers so I lost the inclination to research it further.

    Vimal put in some time on it, so I'll be voting for him when the question goes to "In Voting."

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    it may be a squirrel named "Nuthatch Nick" "Mr Cannonball Pants" jogs my memory of the prank calls I used to make to bowling alleys while i grow to be a baby earlier the days of caller identity: "Do you have 12lb balls? You do?!? What length pants to you place on?!?"

  • 4 years ago

    It would be a squirrel named "Nuthatch Nick" "Mr Cannonball Pants" reminds me of the prank calls I used to make to bowling alleys when I used to be a child earlier than the times of caller identity: "Do you have 12lb balls? You do?!? What size pants to you wear?!?"

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