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Hillary says she can't trust President Bush, did Bill scar her in some way against Presidents?

"Senator Hillary Clinton was asked about President Bush and she said, 'I'm not going to believe this president again.' Yeah, Hillary said, to be fair, I stopped believing presidents ten years ago." ~Apparently she had a bad experience~

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    Vincent Foster (Whitehouse Deputy Counsel, Gunshot to mouth, neck wounds)

    Kathy Ferguson (ex-wife of Clinton co-defendant, Gunshot to head)

    Bill Shelton (Arkansas state trooper, Kathy Ferguson's fiancee, Gunshot to head)

    Susan Coleman (Alleged Clinton Girlfriend, 7.5 months pregnant, Gunshot to head)

    Jon Parnell Walker (RTC Investigator on Whitewater, fell from top of Lincoln Towers)

    Niko Junic (In charge of the radio beacon/Brown Crash, Gunshot)

    John A. Wilson (Former Wash D.C. councilman, hung)

    Terrance Yeakey (First policeman at the Murrah Building, gun shot wound/slashes)

    Ian Spiro (Inslaw Witness, Gunshot to Head)

    Sharlott A. Donovan (Ret TechSgt/WH Comm Office, Plastic Bag over Head)

    Admiral Boorda (CNO, gunshot chest)

    Frank Aller (Clinton roommate at Oxford, repentant of draft dodging, Gunshot to mouth)

    Robert Bates (Mena mechanic, witness) - drank himself to death on mouthwash

    James Bunch ("Black Book" keeper, gunshot)

    Wallace Blaylock (husband of Lenora Steinkamp - lady in Drudge video taped 93 aired 9/98, gunshot)

    Raymond Albright (shot 5 times in chest, ruled suicide by M.E. Malak)

    Charles Wilbourne Miller, Exec of Alltel - successor to Jackson Stephen's Systematics (gunshot)

    Gordon Matteson (Clinton friend/associate, Shot to head)

    Danny Casolaro (Investigator Inslaw, "Octopus" - Wrists Slashed)

    Calvin Walraven (Witness Jocelyn Elders son's drug case, Gunshot)

    Marine Cpl Eric S. Fox, assigned to helicopter squadron for president (gun shot to head)

    Peter John Berwick, shot to death witness in federal investigation Arkansas company

    John Arthur Paisley (CIA, gunshot to head, found in river…)

    Laurence Martin (OKC surviver, suicide by plane crash)

    Kenneth Trentadue (OK prisoner)

    Li Fuxiang (foreign exchange, jump)

    John I Millis (House Intelligence, CIA)

    Evan Hunziker (held in North Korea)

    Charlene Edwards (INS Miami)

    Franz Lanz (ARL scientist, informant)


    Mary Mahoney (Former White House intern shot multiple times in a Starbucks, pockets picked, no cash register money taken)

    Luther "Jerry" Parks (Provided security for Clinton's campaign, multiple gunshots)

    Kevin Ives (Witness to Mena, skull crushed, left to be run over by train)

    Don Henry (Witness to Mena, stabbed, left to be run over by train)

    Eric Butera (Starbucks informant, beaten to death in sting)

    Jeff Rhodes (Ives/Henry Witness, gunshot to head)

    Ed Gould (Clinton's HIV/AIDS Advisory Council, Toxic)

    Florence Martin (Accountant with info on Barry Seal, Gunshot to head)

    Alder Berriman (Barry) Seal (Mena, Murdered)

    Keith McKaskle (Ives/Henry Informant, Stabbed)

    Gregory Collins (Ives/Henry Informant, Gunshot to Head)

    James Milon (Ives/Henry Informant, Decapitated)

    Richard Winters (Ives/Henry Suspect, Shotgunned)

    Jordan Ketelson (Ives/Henry Informant, Shotgunned)

    Larry Guerin (Inslaw Investigator, unknown)

    Alan Standorf (NSA, Inslaw Investigator, unknown)

    Dennis Eisman (Inslaw attorney, Shot)

    Mitchell D. Abel, (Cocaine dealer and student re Tyson, Gunshot)

    Mike Samples (Ives/Henry witness)

    Eric L. Henderson (financial advisor to Ron Brown, shot while riding bicycle)

    Steve Leung (investor in China, beaten)

    Mary Beth (Pixie) Grismore (politically connected, murdered)

    Judy Danielak (journalist, sniper)

    Cecil Boren (by escaped inmate, tainted blood whistleblower)

    Lee Scott Hall (stabbed, Lawrence Livermore Lab employee)

    JohnD Muskopf (CIA Analyst, murder in robbery attempt)

  • sophia
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    I think that she is jaded. I'm sure that there have been some completely honest presidents in history. She is just afraid to trust a man who has been a president before. She can work this out in political therapy and then she will be able to trust presidents again...

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    I would imagine Hillary stopped believing in men long before she gave up on Presidents.

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    Who could possibly trust her.

    She vote for the invasion of Iraq.

    Now she is saying she has changed her mind.

    Do you want someone like that as President ?

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    no i think she is just saying that to get the vote of all the democrats who hate bush. she figures that;s a good chunk of people- so no matter what her actual platforms are, she can at least gain their vote just by saying bad things against bush.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't trust any of them, but especially Bush. You'd have to search long to find a more enept weasel to occupy the oval office.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She had a good teacher in learning not to trust anyone. She can't even be true to herself. Pitiful situation.

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    I think she is a politician and is positioning her self to run for President.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She told Demoncrats at a Luncheon She knew how to handle "Bad Men." They laughed like they knew who She was talking about.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    It's nothing that surgery cant remove.

  • Vaughn
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    1 decade ago

    "No one died when Clinton lied." (Despite Strike Eagle repeating decade-old accusations that were never proven, and were mainly part of an anti-Democrat smear campaign). Bush can take full responsibility for this one.

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