Do Americans Hate ALL Mexicans?

Do you Americans actually hate us all, or just those who are living in your country?.

We are not all bad u know...

I´ve seen a lot of people who hates mexicans around here and i believe that´s because most of the mexican immigrants are the poorest people here, so you´ve got the worst part of us, but we are not ALL like that. Some of us are in our own country working hard to try and get a better life, and it IS possible, it´s just that not everyone here has the same oportunities. We are just as human as you are.

BTW I live in México and I´m planning to stay here.


I agree illegal immigration is WRONG.

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    What? Hate all mexiacans? I don't know where u get ur info, but u better check again! I've had more mexicans in me than a toyota pick up truck. Hahahahaha

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    No, only the illegal ones, and I don't hate them, they just make me sick because they use our healthcare system and get social security by stealing American Social Security numbers. Furthermore, the majority don't want to learn English and greedy Americans cater to them by putting up signs in spanish. Some stupid people say that they do jobs that Americans won't do, but that's not true because WHO did them all these years (it was black and white Americans). I know a lot of families in my neighborhood who hire illegal mexicans to be their maids or gardeners, but I think that is aweful. Americans need to pay real Americans the right wages to start with. However, my ex-girlfriend had a friend from prep school who was really Mexican (castillian descent). She looked European and not anything like the illegal mexicans that have flooded the United States, who by the way are not more NATIVE AMERICAN than any of us and don't have the right to United States land, they're not even native american, they're mixed with European blood and aztec blood. Last time I checked Cherokees weren't the same thing as Aztecs. I get so mad when I hear mexican immigrants saying that this is their land. If anyone deserves to inherit the land that is now the US it would be real Native Americans and not illegal mexican immigrants.

    And to the answerer below me, I am a college graduate who comes from an upper class family and not what you so callously refer to as a "white low life", but I still don't think that it is right for illegal immigrants to take working class american jobs.

    • Who's doing the field jobs now? You think Americans are out in the field in the burning sun picking vegetables and fruits? You think Americans are still sweating their asses off in the field working for a minimum wage job?

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    1 decade ago

    I'm half Latino and I think the biggest problem is illegals entering our country costing ""our"" tax dollars to support their families. Also, they have for many years lowered the pay rate, mostly in the construction industry. Americans I know have vacated the business because of cheap labor, and how Mexicans won't speak English and are very cliquish. 30 years ago it (illegal immi.) wasn't much of an issue, but there was still a lot of white racism against blacks and Latinos. So, I think the volumn of racism is the same, but the working class American in the construction and service industry has all but diminished.

    Also, what if all poor Americans traveled to Mexico for a better life to collect Federal aid and suck out their "domestic" resources. Think that can happen, I don't think so, we would be shunned upon and spit upon by the Mexicans. We need to be like Canada, because immigrants must be well educated and skilled to be considered before entering.

    Mexicans need to stand on their own and stop leeching off another country that is to easy and lame to stop this stop this at the border.

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    I don't understand why most Americans make such a big deal about illegals. I think is because they got tired of killing people in iraq that now they are getting all their anger on Mexicans. America is not respected because America doesn't respect other Countries. First, it was the blacks then iraq, now Mexican people, who's next? America is such a wonderful country but there is a lot of racism. Mexico is more relaxed and people are more friendlier. Many Americans hate Mexicans but they don't understand the fact than many people come here to work and send money to their family. Americans are never going to understand that, you know why?

    because most Americans as families are much more colder to their family than Mexicans. Mexicans care a lot about their family and are much more familiar. On the other hand, Americans are cold hearted.Americans are never going to understand Mexicans because of that. Americans are deporting Mexicans but is like someone else mentioned what about Asians? They are the ones who take the better jobs and they do nothing to them.

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  • Cinner
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    1 decade ago

    It's too bad you have gotten the impression that we hate Mexicans. We don't. It's the illegal immigrants we have a problem with although I think hate might be too strong of a word for it. No not all illegals are Mexicans but most in the US are from Mexico. We have a problem with them coming here and wanting us to change our ways to fit their needs. Many come here and commit vicious crimes. They are a drain on our economy, school system and courts. It's not the actual Mexican culture we don't like. I'm sure you are a very nice, hard working person who is doing the best you can to better yourself.

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    no, i do not hate mexicans. i despise the contempt for my country's laws when someone enters into the united states illegally. this is not confined to mexicans or those from central and south america. i agree that not all have the same opportunities, but i have several friends that immigrated from mexico. they entered by the long arduous and legal manner. those with whom i have spoken just don't want to wait in line for their permiso or figure they will only be here for a few months to a year. they just want what they can get quickly and then return home. those who do enter for a better life (the poorest of the poor) and want to stay in the u.s. from the start don't know what is necessary.

    i don't hate mexicans, but respect my country as i respect yours. enter legally as a friend not illegally as a criminal.

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    Very, very few Americans "hate" Mexicans. It's only the ones with the biggest mouths -who complain about the immigrant situation, that you're hearing from all the time. Most of us here actually DO understand what your situation is there...-& try to help your people out the best we can when they come looking for work. It's just that when too many immigrants come over the border all at once- our people & resources get overwhelmed; and THAT causes resentment & problems. It's good that you want to stay and make a "go of it" in your own country. Perhaps someday when you are successfull & on vacation, - you can visit the U.S. and see how your countrymen made out. After all, we all were born in N. America- so that makes us ALL "Americans".

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    Basically what is happening here is that the illegal aliens are not paying for their way. Some people In the USA pay as much as 69% of their income in TAXES. Illegal aliens pay nothing in federal and state taxes.

    Some Illegal Aliens are stealing peoples ID’s in order to work. It is a crime to do so and they are crying “foul” when arrested..

    The Mexican population has increased in my area to where they are the majority now. Crime has now increased by an outstanding number, violent and nonviolent crime is way to high.

    Americans just wish to be treated the SAME. And we are not. Many times illegal aliens, because they are illegal), are not charged with crimes and just deported. Many times they are not even arrested for crimes.

    So no. We don’t HATE the Mexican people. We hate the way ILLEGAL Mexicans are coming here breaking our laws and getting away with it. Any American that did such things would be jailed and fined.

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    1 decade ago

    We don't hate Mexicans, actually we love them. Millions of Mexicans are U.S Citizens and Americans, However, what we hate is Illegal aliens living here just like that. if you want to be out of that crowd, do something, learn English, Marry a U.S Citizen, get an education, be somebody otherwise get out.

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    No, Americans do not hate all Mexicans.

    What is hated is the lack of respect for the American border and the Mexican gov. aiding people to break American laws - such as when your gov. bought all the GPS from China to give to people to aid them in coming into the United States illegally.

    What is hated is all the crime that is coming over the border that has brought drugs, gangs, and killings.

    What is hated is that the Mexican gov. has one standard for Mexico but another face when it comes to American's wanting their border protected no different than how Mexico defends its southern border (but not its northern border).

    We hate that you have politicians that are making speeches telling our gov. how unfair our immigration laws our when Mexico's laws are much stronger than our own.

    No one is saying that you are not "human". What is being said is that the American people are tired of having the worst of your worst break our laws by coming over the borders aided by the Mexican gov. and the President of the United States totally ignoring the reality that many that live on American borders have to live with every day - having to experience what you have stated, "the worst part of us [Mexico]" invading and breaking the laws in our country.

    To any and all that come legally - welcome. But we have more than enough of the "worst" as you have already pointed out pointed out.

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    1 decade ago

    Hexador, the children are Americans just like your children are. Guess you missed that little point of view though right?

    If I teach my children Cherokee is that not my right as an American and someone of an ethnic background?

    Question for those of you who talk so loud about illegals do you know by looking who is illegal and who is not? Are you sure? I would be a rich woman if I were given a dollar each time that my husband or I had the word illegal thrown at us and other nasty terms and we are both US citizens.

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