I Believe That Americans Are the Dumbest People on the Planet...since they have all the means...can you answer

as an American, off the top of your head:

1. Five Captial Cities Of Africa

2. 10 Kings or Queens of England

3. Five presidents of the USA that served before the civil war

4. Five Cities in China

5. Five Countries in the Middle East...

6. Two leaders from either Canada or Mexico

sorry, but I've had nothing but absolutely embarrassing and ridiculous answers to any queries I've posed...



I'm not French...what the? Ok, you stupid Kenyan...you've proven my point exactly. thanks. And, please, being the first easily tro Berlin...Russia defeated Hitler you retard. Hitler wanted to negotiate with the Americans. Stop watching Hollywood prop and pick up an f'n history book.

Do you have downsyndrom?

Update 2:


I'm not French...what the? Ok, you stupid Kenyan...you've proven my point exactly. thanks. And, please, being the first easily to Berlin...Russia defeated Hitler you retard. Hitler wanted to negotiate with the Americans. Stop watching Hollywood prop and pick up an f'n history book.

Do you have downsyndrom?

Update 3:


Do you want me to start now you simpleton...

Ullyses S. Grant

Herbert Hoover

Andrew Johnson

Grover Cleveland

Andrew Jackson

Theodore Roosevelt


Calvin Coolidge

John Adams

James Monroe

John Q. Adams


William Taft

Warren Harding...

Woodrow Wilson

...off the top of my head...could go on, but I won't indulge you're idiocy anymore. What are you, six years old? Sorry, I guess I've got 20 years on you.

Update 4:

Ernest T.,

I'm a trilingual Canadian working on my Phd in China...you're query re: the following Canadians is superfluous. You'll probably get most anyone else though...

and no, i don't invest alot of hope in this answers page for my music. That would be below me to take anybosy's opinion in this forum seriously about anything.

I just hate Americans.

Update 5:


I could probably come close to all 50 caps...

so i'll pick obscure ones

helena, MT

Bismark, ND

Pierre, SD

Dover, Delaware

Jackson, MS

Annapolis, MR

Augusta, MN

Charleston, WV

Jefferson City, MSR

Juneau, AL

Providence, RI

Carson City, NV

S.A. Bogota, Columbia; Lima, Peru, Brasillia, BR; La Paz/Sucre, BV; Buenos Aires, ARG, Ausuncion, UR; Quito, EC...

are you tired of this exercise yet?

This is great...you Americans prove my point exactly. You know nothing about the world, but your government controls it economically and through its military/industrial complex.

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    1. Abuja, Algiers, Antananarivo, Dakar and Cairo.

    2. William I, William II, William III, William IV, Anne, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Stuart, Jane Grey, Mary, Mary II

    3. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams

    4. Shanghai, Beijing, Tainjin, Wuhan, Shenyang

    5. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria, Qatar

    6. Stephen Harper and Vicente Fox Quesada

    Source(s): I will await your apology for insulting my countrymen. Any time you're ready...
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    Actually nearly all Americans can answer all but maybe.. number 2, and some possibly number 6. Can you answer those?? Seeing as you cannot use proper grammar to construct a sentence, do they teach you English where you come from?

    I would strongly suggest your mother more closely monitor your computer usage. But honestly who cares about the 10 kings and queens of England, or the rest of your "queries". Can you name:

    1. Five Capital cities of the US?

    2.the last 10 Presidents or first ladies of the US?

    3.The writers of the Constitution of the US?

    4. Five cities in Iran?

    5. Five Countries in Central America?

    6. Two leaders from Nicaragua or Columbia?

    Stupidity goes both ways honey!

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    1. Addis-Abbaba , Capital Ethiopia

    2. Mogadishu , capital Somailia

    3. Nairobi , capital Kenya

    4. Khartoum , Capital Sudan

    5. Tripoli , Libya

    1. Queen Elizabeth 1

    2 Queen Elizabeth 2

    3. Queen Mary

    4. Queen Victoria

    5. Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England

    6. King George 1

    7. King George 2

    8. King Richard

    9.King Stephen

    10. King James

    1. George Washington

    2. John Adams

    3. Thomas Jefferson

    4. John Quincy Adams

    5. Andrew Jackson

    1. Shanghi

    2. Hong Kong

    3. Tianjin


    5. Shenyang

    1. Quatar

    2. Syria

    3. Jordan

    4. U.A.E

    5 . Yemen

    6 (a) Canucks

    A. Conservative party: PM Stephen harper

    B. Liberal Party: Stephanie Dion

    (b) Mexico

    Presidente: Felipe Calderon

    Gov. of Oxcaca:Ulisis Ruis


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    1. Five Capital Cities of Africa

    Monrovia is the capital of Liberia

    Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone

    Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia

    Tripoli is the capital of Libya

    Algiers is the capital of Algeria

    Kigali is the capital of Rwanda

    2. 10 Kings or Queens of England.

    Queen Elizabeth

    King Henry the 8th

    King James

    King Edward the IV

    King George III

    King George IV

    King Richard I (the Lionheart)

    King William I (the Conqueror)

    Queen Anne

    Queen Mary I

    Queen Mary II

    Queen Anne Boleyn (King Henry VIII)

    Queen Matilda ( william the conqueror)

    3. Five Presidents of the USA that served before the civil War




    John Quincy Adams

    James Monroe

    4. Five Cities in China






    5. Five countries in the Middle east







    Saudi Arabia

    6. Two leaders from either Canada or Mexico

    Vicente Fox, now Jose Calderon

    Stephen Harper

    Is that enough or do you want more?

    Source(s): Memory from reading and watching the news, geography classes, travels and history classes.
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    1. Nairobi, Cairo, Lagos, Mogadishu, Addis Ababa

    2. Richard the Lionheart, Henry I-VIII, Elizabeth, Elizabeth II, Victoria, Mary, Edward, Charles, Lady Jane Grey

    3. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler.

    4. Beijing, Shanghai, Chungking (sp?), Hong Kong, Zhiangzhou (sp)

    5. Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia

    6. Mexico - President Felipe Calderon, Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Patricia Cantellano.

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    Are you saying that people in Britain can name

    1. Five Capital Cities in Africa

    2. 10 Presidents of America

    3 Five Prime Ministers during Queen Victoria's reign

    4. Five cities in China

    5. Five countries in the Middle East

    6. Two leaders from either Germany or France

    I have read some so called serious newspapers from Britain. It is all gossip.

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    Well lets see. First of all, these questions have nothing to do with intelligence, but I'll give them a shot.

    1) Cairo Egypt, Mogadishu Somalia, Tripoli Libya, Nairobi Kenya, Dakar Senegal

    2) Well, they've had Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, King George III (America's Favorite), King Henry VIII, Kind Richard the Lionheart, Oliver Cromwell (only for a little while), King James (wrote his own Bible), and who the hell cares about the rest.

    3) Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, James K. Polk, and of course the man, George Washington... I could go on if you wish...

    4) Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Datong

    5) Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, etc..

    6) Vincente Fox Mexico, Stephen Harper of Canada.

    Now, as I said previously, these are political knowledge facts and have really little to do with intelligence. However, I agree with you that if one is going to be hanging out on a forum such as this one which is dedicated to politics and government one should know of what they speak.

    Now, I'm not sure where you are from, but if you would, please name for me 10 U.S. State capitals and the capitals of Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. Lets see how smart you really are if this is your basis for intelligence.

  • Why does not knowing all those answers make Americans dumb? Maybe we are selective and learn only what we need to know to get the job done instead of muddling our brains with all these frivilous details that we can look up in any encyclopaedia or on the internet if we need to know. I could answer all six of your questions but I won't because I don't feel the need to prove my knowledge. I know how to use it.

    Oh, I will answer the last one because I've made it a point to understand what's going on. President Vicente Fox and now President Felipe Calderone, neither of whom have I any respect for because they don't respect their own people.

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    A person can pick out six particular questions for any country and paint them as stupid.

    I know the names of all nine justices on the supreme court, van buren was our eighth president, Jack Ruby shot lee harvey oswald, on and on and on.

    Just because you pick out obsure questions that most Americans don't care to know doesn't mean they're stupid. You do not know everything either. I could just as easily pick 6 questions that you are not likely to know and say you are stupid.

    How many of the people in those 5 cities in China know any of your questions?

    Please do not try to insult people in order to make yourself look superior. It will not make up for your low self-esteem.

    By the way: It's interesting that the "dumbest country on the planet" happens to have some of the most sophisticated technology on the planet.

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    Anybody that felt the need to put you in your place could easily google answers to all your questions. Personally, I'm not interested in trying to placate some attention seeker on the internet that is desperately trying to get people to believe that he's intellectually superior. Cheers!

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