Psychology students: plz recommend some books.....?

I'm very interested in psychology, but a formal course is not an option for me right now. Still, I'd like to read and learn on my own. Could u plz name some books that are on the recommended reading lists at colleges? I'm looking for introductory, beginner stuff moving on to more advanced levels.


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    1 decade ago
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    There are many aspects of Psychology, so some of this will depend on where your interest level lies. Below are some books I've read (and kept) from college.

    Text Books:

    - Psychology by Henry Gleitman

    - Abnormal Pschology by Irwin Sarason

    - Human Memory and Cognition by Mark Ashcroft

    - Social Psychology by Baron Byrne

    Some books (very interesting)

    - Stanley Milgrim's Obedience to Authority (this is a classic & helps explain how holocaust happened)

    - Cialdini's Influence

    - Eyewitness Testimony by Loftus

    - About Behaviorism by BF Skinner

    Have fun with it. I find psychology fascinating.

    Source(s): Psych major from Dartmouth College
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