Steps to prevent police corruption?

I am trying to get some ideas to write my term paper. If you are a new police chief of a notoriously corrupt police department what steps would you take to prevent police corruption.

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    1. Constant reminders of the importance of ethics


    3. Actively investigate accusations of corruption

    4. Pay your officers what they are worth (Look at Mexico)

    5. Train your officers to do there job efficiently and correctly

    6. Segregate management and patrolman personal relationships

    7. Hire the best you can

    8. Evaluate officers with a independent body

    9. Trust your officers judgment

    10. Understand this is not a overnight process

    Corruption is created when officers are put in a situation they are unable to deal with. If you aggressively pursue improving your officers skills and allow them to make judgments based on there opinions you create better officers. If you put officers in situations where they are under heavy stress and feel untrusted you essentially limit there abilities to resolve situations effectively.

    Some of the best ethically sound departments I know are the ones that allow officers the most freedom. The know they are trusted and valued members of a family and are not willing to risk that for anything.

    Consider looking into Mexico's police force and its relation to drug cartels. Mexico has a lot of good officers who don't get paid well. They are primarily a "Good ole' boy" society with a lot of sketchy money changing hands in the higher levels. Officers learn by example that this is how things are done because no one has the power to stand against those who have power.

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    Contact the New Orleans Police Department the most corrupt police department in the country. Or the Mayor he's corrupt too.

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    I don't think there is a way to stop police corruption from my personal experience I haven't found a cop that isn't corrupt. It use to be 1 in 1000 was dishonest these days it's 1 in 1000 is honest.

    I am facing 7 to 14 years because of a dishonest corrupt cop that has a hard-on for my brother, that is running from the law, the only thing I can see is if he can't get my brother he will make me pay for his crimes.

    Let's face it how offten do you hear of a cop losing his job for being corrupt?

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    People stop commiting crimes. Then no police force would be needed...

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