Boeing needs to scrap the 747-8 and innovate something?

From a business standpoint, let Airbus take the next four years as far as the jumbojet is concerned, Survive off the 787's success and short haul planes, while* creating something even more innovative than the A380. that gives you four years at the drawing table, to me Boeing is risking alot by merely throwing out an "updated" 747.

Instead of trying to survive the race now, stay out and conquer it with new style plane in 4 years.

anyone else agree here?

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    I would hate to see the 747 go away since it is such a recognizable aircraft. The 747-8 is pretty good in that it can be served in markets that are too small for an A380 but too big for a 777. Another benefit is that airlines that currently use the 747 such as Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Japan Airlines can buy the 747-8 will have their 747 pilots adjust faster to the 747-8 than if they had to train on a new type of aircraft. Also British Airways is wanting to update their fleet and they are considering the 747-8 along with other Boeing models.

    Also it seems as though cargo is where you want to sell the aircraft to. Many cargo carriers fly 747 aircraft. Boeing says the margins sold to cargo carriers is better than to passenger airlines. A number of cargo carriers have ordered the 747-8F. Right now the market for cargo is high and many cargo carriers are expanding their fleet. Therefore it is good to have the 747-8F available for sale.

    The short-haul planes are nice but the margins on those aircraft are not as great as if Boeing sold a 747 or 777. I would be willing to let Boeing lose a few short-haul aircraft orders as long in favor for wide-body orders. That is why Boeing needs to have another wide-body such as the 747-8 available for sale. From what I hear, people feel more safe when they fly across the ocean in a 4-engine aircraft versus a 2-engine aircraft.

    I don't think Boeing is risking that much with the 747-8. They should do pretty well with that aircraft though sales are not as brisk as with the Dreamliner.

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    I think Boeing will be unveiling plans as soon they cash out on 787's success. A380 is going to lead the way for sure, but still lagging in orders. Also the controversy created by Airbus with its A380 program isn't going to help matters.

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