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Why is it the coldest part of the night just before dawn?

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    Good question. I've enjoyed some of the answers you've gotten. But there are none that are right on. Actually, the air continues to cool even for a short time after the sun rises. This occurs for the same reason that maximum temperatures for the day due not occur when we have maximum solar insolation around noon but rather later in the afternoon around 3 - 4 p.m. When the sun comes up it must be absorbed by the earth, the earth must begin to warm and re-radiate longwave infrared radiation which then heats the atmosphere. So there is this lag between solar insolation and heating. Hope this helps a little.

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    having spent many, many nights working outside al night at airports i find that during the night the air tends to get very still because there is not much thermal energy left in the air but as dawn gets closer the air starts heating and the wind usually begins to pick up right before dawn, giving a sort of a wind chill effect with the breeze it generates

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    Because the moment before dawn is the time at which the sun has been gone for the longest.

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    after the sun sets, the earth where you are slowly gives off heat (like when you turn off the oven, it's not immediately room temp). Then it has 8 hours of no sun/heat until dawn, slowly losing more and more heat until the sun reappears

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    It has to do with the length of time that it has been dark outside. And, it has been darkest longest just before dawn.

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