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Where can i find business models for an online businesses like ebay and myspace?

where can i find business models based on ebay and myspace fpr research

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    Here are 3 business models frequently used for online businesses.

    1)The Ecommerce Model

    Revenue is generated by selling goods or services over the Internet. Examples of goods and services include products such as ebooks or candles and service such as consulting or virtual assistance. Selling products from affiliate programs would also be considered ecommerce. This is not an exhaustive list but it should give you an idea of what ecommerce is.

    2) Content-Rich Model

    Revenue is generated by selling advertising on your site or in your ezine. Lots of quality content is provided to visitors/subscribers to attract them and to keep them returning to your site or subscribed to your ezine.

    The more visitors/subscribers your site or ezine has the more you can charge for advertising. Generally, advertisers pay a certain dollar amount per thousand visitors/subscribers.

    3) Membership/Subscription Model

    Revenue is generated by charging subscribers for access to your site or certain parts of your site. This model can also be used with ezines. You can charge subscribers to receive your ezine or generate a premium version of your ezine and charge a fee.

    These are the 3 basic business models online businesses currently use. Of course these 3 models are not the only models out there. There are others.

    Many online businesses use a combination of models. For example, you can develop a content-rich site about gardening and sell advertising space on that site to advertisers who are trying to reach people who are interested in gardening (content- rich model).

    You can charge visitors for access to a premium area of your gardening site where you provide more quality content that can't be accessed without becoming a member (membership/subscription model). You can also sell gardening supplies and books from your site (ecommerce model).

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    you cant

    if these companies just put thier business models out there everyone would have an ebay of thier own

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