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Why most peoples always associated nudity with sexual ?

It's all about mind control. Non-sexual nudity is only obscene, if your mind is dirty.

If non-sexual nudity is labeled obscene, it means that you’re self consciousness have been told to think dirty about nudity at all time.

If non-sexual nudity labeled as acceptable or normal, it means that you’re mind not allowed to think dirty about nudity and you must control your mind and behavior. Or else, you’ll be considered obscene.

Based on some history, I’ve seen it as true :

1. In old time in Japan, it’s common to have man and women mixed bathing in full nude. Nobody have dirty mind about it, because it’s considered acceptable or normal. But after the western come and change things….everybody there will have a dirty mind about it now.

2. In most Pacific Islands, long time ago women are always half naked. The rest of it are same things like in Japan above.

Please consider about this and tell me your wise opinion...

PS : Sorry for my english, it's not my mother languange.

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    Nudity is associated with sex because it appears to be a natural progression or precurser to sex.

    One usually becomes nude in order to engage in sex!


    Westerners as a whole are not that closed minded.

    It was their religion which came from European countries and migrated to the west.

    Missionaries who decided to travel the world and force their beleifs on the people they were suppose to help.................blah,blah,blah

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