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sword fighting?

i'm writing a story that will contain swordfighting and other medieval warfare, but i know nothing about swords and little about medieval warfare... can anyone give me tips, techniques, or anything that could help me?

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    Hollywood shows sword fights last for a good amount of time fighting. The true is swords are heavy and to fight a long time will take a strong person with high amounts of endurance. Also every part of the sword was a weapon. people were hit by the pommel, chocked by the cross guard and fists, even feet. Sword fighting was not gentlemen and full of rules it was kill or be killed

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    Well always research what your trying to write about try looking up ( depending on the swords or other weapons used in your story ) the fighting styles or technique. ( I do like the idea your writing a book ) also if there is medieval warfare make sure to look up something like battle tactics or formations something like that. By technique look up the types of fighting styles. I hope I don't sound like I am trying to tell you how to write it well if I do ( which I hope I don't sound at all that way ) sorry if I did well good luck on that book :D

    anything is possible!

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    There are a lot of groups that do historical re-enacting. I would suggest finding one of them in your local area, going to watch a practice, a demonstation or a tournament, and asking lots of questions. Most historical re-enactors are more than happy to answer questions about what they do.

    The largest group worldwide is the SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism. They have branches almost everywhere. You can look up a group near you here:

    Note: the SCA does not use "live steel"; they use rattan swords. Other groups do use live steel. My brother trains with one in Toronto, the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts:

    There are also others, some focusing on particular time periods like the Norse (aka "Viking") age, or the Renaissance. There are a bunch of them listed on the Wikipedia page for "Historical Martial Arts Reconstruction", or if you do find the local SCA group, ask one of the fencers or "heavy fighters" (they do more broadsword, as opposed to rapier, style fighting). They probably know the other groups in your area. There is often cross-over.

    Good luck!

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    Sharp steel swords that could keep an edge were only for the very, very rich, and for Hollywood and for the authors of historical novels. In practice, nearly all swords in combat were just used as clubs. Of course if they got through, they would cut flesh, but not much else.

    One of the most feared weapons was the morningstar, a spiked iron ball on a length of chain attached to a stocky handle.

    Source(s): Chat with a participant in medieval re-enactment, but quite a while ago.
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    Real sword fighting isn't a game or a sport. You use every dirty trick, every cheat, take every advantage. That flashing blade is trying to KILL you. Your only hope is to get past it to kill the other guy first. It isn't pretty, it isn't nice. And death is neither quick nor easy. Simply getting stuck hollywood style doesn't always end the fight. The body is amazingly resiliant. Slashing and cleaving are more effective than Spanish pinpricks. Oh, they'll kill all right, but they don't disable quickly enough every time. OTOH, that'll give characters time to give great dramatic dialogue. Good luck!

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    Well there is no short answer for this question. One of the best texts on the subject was written by a gentleman named Tollhoffer.

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    speed is very impotan in swordfighting.always cut you enemy legs.always target in the heart and always bring nuts to battle. good lucks from all of us.and one more.a victorious army will win first then fight while defeted army will fight first then seek to win. my advice is always play game like total war and civilization 4.always bring sword,nuts, cheesburger and guitar.nuts.12 years old kid writing.i just want to eat nuts.nut.choose me for the best answer

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    It's a very interesting subject. Here's a very reliable and informative site:

    Good luck with your work; historical accuracy, for those who know the subject, will instantly add clarity and authority to your writing!

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    well i know where you can buy swords from that period

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    always right hand

    Source(s): kill before being killed
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