Anti – Zionism = Anti – Semitism?

I wrote an essay on this topic look at it @ What you opinion please explain yourself and persuad me to your point of view and explain how you would dissmissal of the opposing view


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    First of all, one of your premises is wrong. Anit-Zionism is not a significant force in the Jewish community. Almost all Jews are pro-Israel Zionists. There is a tiny, but very vocal, minority who are not Zionist because of religious reasons or are the singular person of Noam Chomsky. The falseness of your key premise makes your arguement falllicious, regardless of the thesis you're trying to prove.

    Secondly, I'm not sure your thesis is not well enough stated to start to draw a conclusion. What is your thesis? Perhaps you've stated it at the conclusion, but the lack of a thesis statement at the start that matches your conclusion makes this very difficult reading. I had to search for your point. Please rewrite this in the form of a logical persuasive argument if you want to be taken seriously.

    My answer to the question is:

    There is no distinction between Zionism and Judaism. It is at once part of the Jewish identity and the Jewish expression of a modern widely recognized political value. The distinction sometimes made between the two is in itself a form of anti-Semitism, just as anti-Zionism is thinly disguised anti-semitism.

    Judaism is not simply a faith. It is a covenant between an ethnic group, their G-d (and his law), and a peace of land. It is part of the identity of the Jewish people to belong to the land of Israel. Therefore, religious Zionism cannot be differentiated from Zionism in general. It is inclusion in this covenant that identifies someone as a Jew ethnically and religiously.

    The modern political Zionism is a marriage of the Jewish religous belief that they belong to the land and the modern political aspirations of any nationality. If one agrees that any ethnic group is deserving of self determination inside a secure homeland, then one must recognize that Jews require such a homeland just at the Germans, Romanians, and even Kurds do. The religious bond to the land of Israel defines Jewish nationhood, just as the French define their nationhood much by their language.

    The idea that Judaism can be separated from Zionism and Zionists criticized without criticizing the Jewish people or religion is one that is argued only by people who wish to use the separation to further their own political or racist goals. They wish to single out Jewish nationalism among all forms of nationalism for criticism they would not apply to any other group. The reason behind the special criticism is only anti-semitism. The distinction is only made because it is more palitable to criticise a political movement than an ethnic group. The separation is a fiction in the mind of racists.

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    by no ability. Many Jews are themselves anti-Zionist (the extremely-Orthodox, case in point, who bitterly repudiate the attempt by technique of any man or woman to attain the restore of a Jewish state even as this prerogative belongs to God on my own). and many professional-Zionists are themselves somewhat antisemitic: lots of the evangelical Christians in u . s . a . who're maximum pleasant to Israel have contempt for Jews and Judaism. certainly, in case you've faith -as I do - that Zionism is undesirable information for the Jews (to boot as for the Palestinians), then you might want to argue that the real antisemites are those who opt to perpetuate a Jewish state for his or her personal selfish motives, and not in any respect for the welfare of Jews in Israel and around the globe.

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    removing the 'anti 'and 'ism'

    the next step in your equasion reads zion=semit?

    i know what zion is but semit ?

    what meaning means this

    i will read the dictionary

    but first rspondant tried

    now my turn

    if you find the answer

    or the dictionary gives me answer i will return

    but isms leave me cold

    Source(s): semi means partial semite means jew or arab caucasion so zion means semi caucasion?
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    Dreadfully boring. I couldn't finish reading it.

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    can't find you blog

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