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i was really sad on valentines day today?

on valentines day today for some i was really sad, i am in 8th grade and everyone in my 3rd period had big bags and teddy bears and cards and i didn't get anything i got some "carnations" wich is like a flower that u send to someone for a dollar from my best friend but is i walked down the halls passing to each class it seemed everybody had something and had a valentine but me, i just felt so terrible and im sure some one here is in middle school and they prob know what its like my other friends that this happened to said they ignore it and all thru out the day everyone was asking me what wrong but i just felt so deppressed this is an open ended quesiton so u can post a comment or anything u want thnks =(


and i dont have a valetine and i have never had a girl friend befor and this is the first time i feel this way

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    I know how you feel. I'm in Middle School also, and I only got a broken piece of candy from my friend and a cookie from the other. I saw a bunch of kids carrying bags full of presents, too. Don't worry, you are not alone. You will find your honey soon!! But for now, why not accept a Valentine from someone else?




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    Join the club Honey- Your not alone- but one thing is for sure- its not a bad club- if your feeling sorry for yourself then your gonna give off tha vibe- then no wonder you didn't get asked out- you have to be confident be your own valentine- make your self feel good today. Just because you see all this stuff on the media and society doesnt mean you have to go by it. When you find one of many special someones- trust girl- It'll feel like Valentines everyday & it will be so worth it. Just roll with it girl dont let society make you feel like less off a person. If you believe your hot you will be to others. So stay at home take a warm shower and watch funny shows or movies Good luck!!!

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    I am sorry you feel so bad. I have had several Valentine's Days alone and received no flowers at work when everyone else has gotten so many. I felt sad too. But remember it is just one day in your year. Deflate it the best way you can.

    But I have had more great Valentine's Days in my life than not, so I am blessed.

    You are young and will have better ones and more of them. Do something special for yourself and take care.

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    but you did get something!!!!!

    there are people out there who got nothing. you should be glad for what you got, not envious of some jerks who got more or whatever. valentines day is just a silly holiday.

    i have gotten broken up with a few times on valentines day and also on my birthday. some people just get it that way, you know?! just forget about it. tomorrow will be february 15,2007. it could be the luckiest day of your life...or it could be just another boring stupid day. whatever it is, you are alive, and that is important. you are a human and there are sooooooo many things you can do! just having you walk through the hall at school makes a difference. it really does! your impression on the world is more than you'll ever know!

    even if you got nothing at school for Val's's something from a stranger:


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    hey dont feel depressed.... 2007 Valentines Day, I have been with him for 3yrs and each year I stupidly get him something, and as always - I get nothing!

    I wrote beautiful things in a card, got a bear and left it on the bed in the morning before we left for work. I got him this really great wall hanging he wanted for a while AND to top it off I picked up his favourtie magazine so he could sit, relax & read it!

    All this effort and zilch! ZILCH!!!! I was like you and never got anything in school..... now Im in my thirties AND still nothing!

    Life is like that..... chin up! ;-)

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    sorry you had a bad day... i know how you feel. Did you give your friends Valentines gifts though? Or maybe your friends aren't the "giving type" I know a lot of people who didn't get anything. Don't worry. Your friends care for you. It's just that they don't give anyone valentines.

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    Yea, well my b/f of 2 years wouldnt even come to see me because it's snowing out. I've been crying all day. I know how u feel. I was the same way in 8th grade. It sucks. V-day sucks.

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    I definitely know how you feel. I'm a college freshman now, but I was a high school senior last year and valentine's day sucks.

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    im sry that you had a bad day.. if i new u and u went to my school u woulda got sumfing from me =]] butt sryy that u had such a bad day!!

    feel better. and happy valentines day!!

    best of luck. my wishes to ya!

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    It's all in your head. Instead of looking to be jealous by looking at other people who have what you don't, be content by looking at people who have just what you have - nothing.

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