on real housewives of oc, i need to know brand of green/white tunic jo wears when packing for wine country?!!!

It is a low cut green and white tunic top. She is wearing it while packing w/ Slade, when he is surprising her with a trip to wine country and a balloon ride. If anyone can help- please do! I need the brand or where to buy!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm sorry I can't provide to much info. I would suggest going onto Bravotv.com and see if they have a list of "sponsors". I heard Jeana say the majority of jewelery they wear is on loan from the jewelers. This helps promote their business. It may be the same with the clothes. A lot of it may be donated/gifted so the ladies can promote their line. Sorry I wasn't too much help. Good Luck!

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