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process analysis paper...?

I have to write a process analysis paper based on something from the scarlet letter, macbeth, beowulf or the snows of kilimanjaro and i havent read any of these books...any ideas?!

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    I agree. Macbeth and Beowulf would be your best choices for this assignment. First, their format (play and narrative poem, respectively) make reading them easy. And their content is pretty engaging. There's also a great deal of research already done on these works, so you'd have no problem finding secondary sources if you need them.

    If you choose to do Beowulf, don't read the translation by Seamus Heaney - it isn't close to the original version and uses modernized descriptions for some of the characters that wouldn't have been used in the original work. (For example, Grendel's Mother, in Heaney's translation, describes her as an Amazon warrior; obviously, the author of Beowulf wouldn't have known what an Amazon was!)

    A great secondary source for Beowulf would be The Monster and the Critics by JRR Tolkien.

    Good luck to you!! :)

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    First of all pick a book and read it. Personally, I would choose Macbeth or Beowulf.

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