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Should parents with obese children be cited for child endangerment?

If you saw a parent give a ten year old a cigarette and a beer, the cops would arrest her. But obesity leads to very painful disease such as diabetes, mental trauma from being teased and low self esteem, heart disease, osteoarthritis, breast cancer in women, and ultimately death. But yet parents still load kids up with soda, candy, McDonalds etc. with very little mandatory exercise. The kids sit and can hardly breathe they are so heavy.

When I was a kid, there was one or two chubby kids in my school. Now they make up almost half the school.

A doctor recently said that we are literally poisoning our children. Should their be a consequance for the parents action????

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    Yes they should be charged with child endangerment as long as the child is checked out by a Dr. 1st to determine it is not a medical condition. I have 5 kids and I am in shape and I walk in the evenings and my kids go with me and they help make dinner and we talk about the foods we make. I want to teach them a healthy lifestyle. Yes they get junk food but in moderation.

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    No parents should not be held liable for something society is thrusting down our throats. Fast food is a convenience in such a high paced world. Vending machines are accessible to anyone who can put in some money. The onslaught of advertisments on television are too numerous to mention. Billboards that crowd our highways are within site and its a fact that you will glance at them. What are we to do? The only thing we can do is counter all this garbage being thrust down our throats by the media and the companies that make billions off of fast food and sodas. Remove all vending machines from schools, even in the teachers lounge. Make our school lunches healthier by taking away stuff that is obviously bad and replace it with a balance of good choices.

    But as far as holding parents responsible. I suppose some are just as guilty of plumping up their young for social slaughter like the media and fast food companies, but they themselves were probably victims of unhealthy eating habits growing up. Parents are effected by the advertisement and media mumbo jumbo too. This is not a cut and dry situation. There is a lot more to this issue than whats on the surface. Lets keep that in mind before we go on a witch hunt.

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    i am sure that fat people are the next ones to get hit by the government . the movement will do what you have suggested and much more in regard to fat people.

    i am not so sure removing children is the right thing to do but

    i am sure that a fat person should have some sort of card or something that a cashier could ask to see before she would allow the fat person to buy any food that is not necessary like candy bars and chips .

    i think fat people are the weakest adults in society and really need the rest of us to help them make it.

    fat people are a danger to the road as they sometimes cant even turn the steering wheel with out there fat getting in the way.

    they also drive along eating which is as bad as driving drunk

    they have heart attacks while driving and that cant be good for anyone.

    yes it is time to help the poor souls overcome the sin of gluttony and help them become useful people once again

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    if you took video games and computers away. these satelite dish's we have now that pick up every channel in the world so our kids can sit in front of the television for hours. And made these kids go outside and play like we did when we were kids you wouldnt have this big of a problem. parents need to be held accountable for these kids. If the government announced from here on out insurance companies will no longer insure children who are 20 lbs over weight I think you would see alot more kids sitting the remotes and controllers down and picking up baseball bats and footballs.

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    well... i would agree with you except for the fact that if you ever had kids you would know that they would scream if you said no mcdonalds until you gave in... candy some of them arent that excited about. and soda.... ive been drinking soda my whole life and im not even close to being obese. probably because i exorcise. and i heard they took away 1 of the 3 recesses that children have at school. atleast the schools around where i live they did. and kids arent as active either... when i was a kid i remember running all the time at recess. from the hotlava monster or when we were being army men or power rangers.... i was always active... now if you look at the playground kids are just walking around in groups or just sitting there...

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    I agree. There is no way we will ever give our daughter soda or junk food. Candy as a special treat a couple times a year won't hurt, but the constant junk food giving is awful.

    They make laws against private companies like McDonald's to get rid of trans fat in their food. But why can't our government make laws in its own school system against soda and candy machines? And why can't they regulate what our schools feed our kids? If they can regulate private companies, why aren't they regulating their own agencies?

    But to answer your question, parents should, at the very least, be made to attend nutrition classes. Sort of like a traffic ticket, but we could call it a fat ticket and to get out of it, they have to take the classes and show that their child's health improved at the end of the year.

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    There should be training in this area. You get the risks of cigarettes and beer shoved down your throats constantly. Society just needs to do the same thing when it comes to unhealthy foods. They also need to make some sort of mandate so that healthy foods are less expensive so that everyone can start eating healthier, even the lower income families.

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    You mentioned the word "chubby". I don't think parents should be cited for having a chubby child at all. As long as they are not morbidly obese (I am assuming you know what that is). Sometimes the parents are both chubby, thus having chubby kids. You can't hold it against someone for being big. Should police cite people for being predjudiced?

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    if you are talking about the types of people who go on the Maury show with their three yr old who weighs 160 lbs and sits there yelling about feeding him two lbs of bacon and a dozen scrambled eggs with a half a loaf of bread made into toast slathered with butter every morning, because "he likes it, and i won;t deprive my child of anything," then yes, those people should have some kind of consequences regarding neglect.

    Then you have the parents, who feed their children a healthy diet and exercise together who still have overweight children, not because of neglect , but because that is how they are, no they should not be charged with anything.

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    not until it becomes illegal. giving your child a beer or cigarette is illegal. give them food, no matter in what quantity is not. i agree with you. when i was in school, there were maybe a few overweight kids in the whole school. now, there is a huge increase in the number of overweight children. but there is nothing that you can do about it besides make sure your own children do not turn out that way.

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