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In cooking, can u use molasses instead of dark brown sugar?

I found a recipe for caramel frosting which requires the sugar to be melted in butter....I'm out of the sugar, so could I use molasses instead?


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    yes you can, but remember that molasses is made form dark brown sugar and the concentrations are not the same. spoon for spoon, molasses might be a bit stronger and therefore need to be measured differently.

    you can research this on some site like

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    If the recipe is like the one I'm referring to I would not. My recipe calls for melting 1 stick of butter in 2 cups of brown sugar. Once this comes to a boil, add 1/4 cup of milk, boil again for 15 seconds, turn off and add 1 tsp of vanilla.

    If you use molasses, I think the boiling point will be different and it will burn easily. Good luck.

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    You can but I would back off on the amount because the molasses is way more intense than the darkest of brown sugars...its a by-product of the sugar refining process after all.

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