what is the difference between a shiite, sunni, and kurd?

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    Kurds are a nomadic culture that has been an irritation to Turkey and Sadam. They have Oil on the teritory where they roam and have been pushed around by Turkey and Gassed by Sadam. The kurds were one of the largest crimes against humanity that Sadam did. They have little power and are the first to want peace.

    The Sunni people in Iraq are the minority. They have great power because the radical factions are associated with the Baath Party. The origins came from Egypt before Isreal was a Nation. Never mind the fact that sunnis have some fundamental differences with the Sheiite branch of Islam. They have buddied up to Fasist whenever they thought it would help them dominate power. The wealth and wepons from the alliances they made back to and before WWII. The minority has rulled with murder if they had to. The riligious differences just get the other sunni population to tolerate the antics of religous leaders. But the fanatical leaders are stanch supporters of the Sadam phylosophy, and now the fanatical religous leaders are fanning the fire of religous difference.

    The Shiite population is the largest in the country. The Shiite population is the same religous sect as Iran. Some of the Shiite population was gain when a war was fought with Iran for access to the ocean to export oil. Iran's Shiite population favors the Shiite in iraq. They help the weak native population that has been repressed by Sunni rule for all of Iraq's history.

    In a democratic state where the population votes the Shiite will win the vote. The sunni have the wealth and can buy all the fire power they need. Iran will help levelthe field and could benifit by a friendly neibor at the very least. The kurds just want to have some abillity to profit from the oil wellsin thier teritory and help their people. The turkish government wants to see the kurds leave and go to teritories in Iraq.

    The Syrians are the only people that can help the Sunni factions sell oil and get wealth. The sunnis will bargan that to stop the fighting they get more of the oil to sell and a larger share of the profits per percent of the population.

    The united States is being pressured by the president of Iraq to make the profit fair to the Shiite populations. The Shiite population has been the lower class and held like that by not being able to acess schooling, and all sorts of tools that allow upward mobility.

    See the complexity but we see what we want and the war goes on.

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    Sunni and shia's are all muslims The differences between sunni and shia arise mostly after the death of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Its mostly political in nature.. ie who was to then lead the muslims. The difference are minor theologically. Specifically shia's contend that the caliphate (ruler) should be someone from the descendant of the prophet throught her daughter Fatma. Sunni contend that whoever is best for the job. Shia's attribute more significance to the lineage of the prophet. Sunni comprise approx 85% of the muslim and shia's are the 14% where 1% are other sect.. Kurds are mostly people indigenous to kurdistan. Somebody can be a kurd and not a muslim.But most of them are muslim

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    Shiites and Sunnis are different sects within Islam. The Kurds are an entirely different religion. The Shiites and Sunnis have been in conflict with each other for over 1,400 years all over the world, not just in Iraq.

    That's why it was stupid to go into Iraq. Hussein was a strongman, albeit an evil one, who kept the various warring factions on a semi peaceable leveMF But take him out and see how fast the factions are fighting again.

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    There are 3 major groups in Iraq.

    1) Shia Arabs.

    2) Sunni Arabs.

    3) Sunni Kurds.

    Shia Arabs are the majority. Sunni Arabs had all the power under the Baathists. Shia Arabs & Kurds suffered atrocities at the hands of the Baathists.

    Shia are out for revenge. Sunni Arabs want to keep a disporportunate share of the power. The Kurds, in my opinion, would form a stable democracy if given the chance.

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    conflicts have existed for 1500 years and are not just something that can be overlooked. The fundamental differences date back to approximately 630-650 CE, when the prophet Muhammad died and a successor was elected by the people of Medina. They elected Abu Bakr (father of Muhammads favorite wife)Not every one accepted him as their leader, those who didn t, followed Ali ibn Abi Talib(Muhammadís Son in Law) whom Muhammad named heir.

    Another major difference is the practice of taking a temporary wife or mut ah allowed by the Shia but long since eradicated by the Sunni...also they have a difference in spiritual leaders, holy days and cities, as well as the practice of taqiya(the act of concealing ones faith for protection and self preservation. although at the core they share the same beliefs. Tension was heightened further but Saddams rule he and other Sunnis oppressed the Shiites for years...As for the Kurds I still can t find out why everyone seems to hate them...They follow another sect of Islam...Sufi I believe.

    Basically there disagreement is much like the fight between different sects of Christianity...for the most part they agree on everything, but are unwilling to accept the little differences that set them apart. Below are two websites that talk about their religious and cultural differences...I hope that this helps you to further understand the longterm animosity between the groups.




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    a muslim is supposed to belive in the oneness of Allah ie he has no partners 2ndly in his messenger ie last prophet and his companions as well sunni regard the companions of prophet a lot where as shiites do not regard them and not paying proper respect to the respectable ones is very much offending to sunnis if shiite want to live then they would have to stop disregarding those sacred men or at least stop showing there disrespect other wise there are a whole lot of saddams to deal with them

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    The Kurds are a people, not a religion? Being one myself, I should know.

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    There's a series of reports on NPR on that particular topic this week. It's quite interesting. I listen to it on the drive to work.

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    the size of the gun they are supplied with........(thanks to the US)

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